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Side Bangs Hairstyles


When we talk about side bangs, we are sure you are thinking about the soft, sophisticated look. But there is so much you can do with these short trimmed side hair. They can frame your face and make you look slimmer instantly! The perks of having these side bangs are numerous. And we are going to list them down for you in this article. This is one look that celebrity stylists swear by. It is an instant fix for anyone. You can style them into smaller layers or keep them straight as well. They can be of varying lengths as well.

If you are someone who has a prominent forehead, you will find these side bangs to be a lifesaver! They can give your hair the needed bounce and flair. They can be the perfect thing to try on if you have thin and beautiful hair. If you learn how to style them, you will look polished each day.

There are thousands of video tutorials on Youtube that you can follow for a quick lesson. We will also give you tips along the way. So make sure you stick around till the end!

Here are about 84 side bangs hairstyles that are sure to get everybody’s attention.

side swept bangs

Middle parted bangs

When Jennifer Lopez tries on a style, you know it is good. There are not a lot of women who would not want to look like the diva. She has sported the middle-parted side bangs for years. Her face looks contoured and slimmed down with that look.

This side bangs medium hair options are sure to get you excited. Some so many hairdressers can get this look right! You can head on to your salon and get these bangs. You can get colored locks that will show off the look to your friends as well. If you have an olive skin tone, it will show off well on you.

Deep side-parted bangs

There are many ways to create a section in your hair. You can make these partitions to change your whole look. Here we are showing you how you can use the side bangs 2019 has to offer. If you are willing, then you can try out these in-depth side look.

You can follow the rule of the arch. This rule suggests that you need to part your hair where the arch of your eyebrows lies. We are sure you have seen this being said by some hair experts. But if you have been doing the same thing for a long time and are looking to change, try going a little farther! You will end up a look similar to Emma here. This is one style that looks great on the actress and has inspired a lot of her followers.

Long Bangs

Not the loving short side bangs? Then we have something here for you that works. You can try out a more extended option of the same look to get the best style. If you have a medium length of hair, you can try this look. This one on the top has a lot of layers on them. You can see it fall gracefully on the face.

If you are running late for any event, this look will be your life savior. They are always in their place. All you need is a few hairdressing skills. You can learn that from any of your friends or look on Youtube as well. Check out the options you have here.

The short hair

Here we have some side bangs short hair options that are aesthetically pleasing and also fashion-forward. You can see a lot of people trying on the bangs on short hair. This is one of the most significant fashion moves out there. You can see short locks being sported by models and actresses. If you have seen some of your favorite celebs in this look and are wanting to copy it, here is your chance.

Here we can see some of the most amazing ways to style and carry off short hair with bangs. You can also get your hair colored and layered if you are into it. There is no style that you need to hesitate from. In 2020, you can bring out the inner diva in you and try out what look you have held on to in your screenshots for days!

Highlights to add with side bangs!

Adding colors to the hair can make you fall in love with yourself. You can try to get a new look and get that fabulous look with these side bangs. If you are bored with the full color on the hair, it is about time you try on highlights. When you get the blonde strands on your hair, it gives you a smooth look.

There are a lot of tones on this collection that you can try out. If you have dark hair color on, then you can use a lighter shade of brown as a highlighting shade. Try balayage, which has stayed on the top as the hottest hair trend for a long time.

Ponytails with side bangs

We all love a cute ponytail. You can try a low pony or a high one, but both the styles will look great if you have side bangs. It makes an attractive look that is perfect for when you need to go out. You can wear it to the gym or the mall with your friends, and it will give you a youthful charm.

It can also help to give you that teenager look. If you have a daughter and she needs your help, you can fix her hair up with these ponytails, and you are set! You are welcome to try out any of these hairstyles we have compiled here.

Forehead framing hair

Side bangs are not only a fashion statement, but it can also be your aid in hiding something! We all have some feature of ours that we want to conceal. And if you are looking to hide your big forehead, these bangs will help you out a lot. You can also flair them on the front of your face, and you have a fringe.

The most beautiful women in Hollywood are trying on these side bangs. You can also curl your bangs to give it that fluffy and soft look. That will get you a romantic look that is perfect for a date night. Check out these images here for some inspiration.

Long Hair and Side Bangs

When you have long hair, sometimes it can get boring. You surely want the long length, but you also want that flirty style. And to get that look, you can add on some bangs! We love the way Demi Lovato has her hair done here. There are highlights and dark hair here and there as well. The more extended section of bangs is adding that perfect texture.

We all love the idea of long hair, but it surely takes a lot of your time to take care of it. You will need to get up faster each morning to get your hair done. And so if you have bangs, you can look ready without much effort.
The bob with the side bangs

Bob has always been a great fashionable look. It had dominated the hair world back in 2019, and we are sure you will love them this year as well. You can see how well they work with the whole short hair look. If you are looking for inspiration, you can try out any of these hairdos. We rounded up the best that the internet has to offer.

There are a lot of varieties of bob as well. Choose the ones that are best for you. The long bob is one of the most glamorous looks out there. You can try the bob with choppy side bangs as well. It looks great and looks good every day.

Updos for a romantic look

Do you need to head out to the salon to look perfect for an event? If you want to go formal, then we suggest you use the updos that we have in here. These are the best looks one can try out to get that romantic look. It has a lot of feminine vibes, and we adore it. The side bangs in here make for that gorgeous vibe.

Here are some of the looks that were loved by everyone. And if you want to make it look edgy, go for bold hair colors. Here you can see a pastel shade of purple with dark hues on them as well. Check them out and pick one for yourself!

Celeb look and their styles

Here you can go through the best of the looks of celebs. These are hairstyles that they have sported over the years. They wore it to the red carpet events and also to some public appearances. You can try to keep the side bangs and style them the same way. If you have beautiful hair, you can get the volume on by adding a roller on the hair and leaving it on.

When you head out to make sure you use a good hair spray to keep the hair in place. You do not need to have the long hours of styling to look like them. Go out and enjoy your day!

The lob

We have always said that the long bob is one of the best looks out there. They are no too over the top, and yet they have a stylish vibe to them. You can see how there are a lot of celebs who try on the look. There are side bangs in these collections here with the lob, and we adore it.

If you have thick hair, you can go for fuller bangs. They are sure to keep the big forehead hidden when you need them to be. If you have wrinkles or fine lines, you can try this flared bangs out. It will conceal all of them and give you newfound confidence.

Perfection in every way

We all love to look our best. And it especially comes with the hairstyles that we have. When we cut our hair or style them, it instantly makes us feel better and gives us confidence. You can surely feel like a new person when you have that perfect look. Here we have a collection of the best hairstyles.

You can go through them and figure out which look works the best for you. There are colors and cuts in this look that we all adore. You can see how the side bangs work to give the face a new rounded up look. Longer bangs are popular currently, and so it could be your choice.

Layered hair

Getting bangs in itself is like having layered hair. You can see that there are short sections on this look here, and they frame the face. If you are one with round face shape, you are sure to love the idea of such sections. There are ways to keep these portions of the hair in certain places. That means you can have more hair in the chin area.

Some layers work on a shorter interval. Or you can try out a layer on longer sections. There was a trend on social media to get the shorter single layer on the front. And then keep a longer layer on the back. Then you can have the best of both long and short layers.

Hues and tints!

We love colors and vibrant hues. And when they pair up in the hair, it looks so much better. You can see how the tinges on the locks can bring out your skin tone even more. If you add on some layers and get curls, then it escalates the look a lot more.

The colors of the season are mull wine rose hue. They are everywhere, and women are looking great with them on. If you are not interested, you can try out a platinum blonde hue. A lot of women love greyer shades. You can catch celebs with the same hair color and try it on your locks. Check them out here, and you can try out any look as you please!

Buns for formal styles

Are you interested in some easy, no non-sense look? Then this is the section of hairstyles for you to try out. Here we have some low bun hairdos that were worn by Cameron Diaz and other celebs. If you have side bangs, this is the perfect look. It secures your hair from the back and keeps it fresh and lovely on the front.

You can go for a messy bun if you are not in the mood for something too time-consuming. We all love the idea of the hairdo that we can muster up and leave the house. They are perfect for work or college. It also works out if you have to head out to the gym.

Curls and ringlets

Curls tend to add a lot of texture to the hair, and it makes anyone look sweet and cute. You can see there is a lot of volume on the locks. If you are going for a romantic look, we suggest you take a fluffy approach to the hairdo. Here we have some of the best looks.

We adore how it has this charming and subtle look. You can head out of the house with this same hair, and it will need no work. Taylor Swift was the one who inspired many youngsters to try on the wavy look. You can look up the procedure to get this hairdo on Youtube as well.

Everyday Wear

You cannot put in a lot of effort each day to look good. We are all busy, and there are a lot of chores to do. Especially if you are a mom who needs to take care of your children, then looking presentable is hard. So we are giving you some tips here as to how you can look stunning.

You can get easy to style haircut and color them up. Add on some bangs, and you are set to head out! There is not a lot of work that goes into the morning when your locks are well-groomed.

Low side bangs to try out

Bangs are a unique way to make any hairdo better. You do not need to make this a drastic change to look good. Book an appointment to the salon, and you can get some volume and texture to your locks. Add on some blonde highlights, and they can make your hair get a whole new dimension.

There are different lengths of a haircut on these images. They will suit every woman and match to everyone’s needs. If you are looking for inspiration, we are showing off this amazing collection in this portion here. Go through it and show it off to your hairdresser to get the same!

The conclusion portion!

Your bangs can be your jewelry once you get habituated to it. You can see that there are layers on the bangs on most women.

Here you could see the collection of side bangs 2019 and choose one for yourself. These are a classic hairstyle option, and it works for almost all face shapes. You can see that side swept bangs are loved by many celebs as well! Thus we put together all these beautiful looks. Keep a sharp eye, and you can find something to suit your taste for sure. There are leading ladies of Hollywood here to influence your decision too. The way they flick their hair can guide you to perfection.

If you are looking to change your look by making as little change as possible, then you can try out these bangs. You can add some highlights on the hair to add that chic factor as well. The feminine feel will make you look more confident. You can experiment around to find what you love the most. Take a look through this collection and find out what entices you. We made sure to keep this collection comfortable for anyone to try out. Make sure you spread out this article to let more people find their side bangs! We will be grateful if you leave a response down below.


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