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Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights


Brown hair with blonde highlights has been one of the cutest hair trends for as far back as we can remember. It’s a classic blend that suits both reserved and outgoing personalities.

What makes this timeless combo so wonderful is that it’s perfect for fancy and easygoing events alike. It’s appropriate for school, work, and all other environments and occasions.

So what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite way to rock brown hair with blonde highlights, all inspiration needed righ below!

1. Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

If you have naturally dark brown hair, a fabulous set of platinum highlights is just what you need to bring it to life. The gorgeous contrast will not only shape your lovely locks, but it will also add color to your rich roots.

2. Blonde Highlights Under the Top

To add a twist to your brown and blonde makeover, you can go for highlights underneath. All you have to do is maintain your brown base and lighten part underneath in your favorite shade of blonde.

3. Light Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Blonde streaks and light brown hair go hand in hand. The fact that the tones are similar makes this a soft and splendid blend that won’t come off as flashy but rather as sunkissed.

4. Half Brown, Half Blonde

We all know that ombre hair revolutionized the beauty industry, but what do you do when you don’t want an abrupt transition? You can combine your blonde ombre with delicate highlights that spring from your brown roots and blend into your desired gradient.

5. Brown Hair with Blonde and Red Highlights

What makes blonde highlights even more delightful is that they work well with streaks in other colors too. For instance, brown hair with red and blonde highlights is one of the most enchanting ways to bring some warmth to your overall look.

6. Short Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Having short hair doesn’t mean you can’t sport a fabulous set of highlights. Bob haircuts, in particular, look ravishing when you add blonde streaks to a brown base.

7. Brown and Blonde Balayage

Another way to absolutely own a brown-blonde gradient is with some help from the balayage coloring technique. This ultra-trendy method can help you transition from a brown base to eye-catching blonde locks, all without drawing too much attention to the dye.

8. Highlights and Bangs

You can always add some sweet bangs to your brown and blonde highlights for a completely new look. To simultaneously contour your highlights and your natural features, go for some side-swept bangs.

9. Platinum Blonde Highlights with Brown Hair

Contrast is the main point for quite a few girls though. If you want to really accentuate your blonde highlights, go for ash or platinum blonde. You’ll get a black & white effect that you’ll grow to love more with each passing day.

10. Discrete Highlights

Subtlety, on the other hand, is a key aspect for other women. Gigi Hadid, supermodel and major beauty muse, prefers to use blonde highlights to add a touch of shine to her light brown hair and get that natural look.

11. Medium Brown Hair with Highlights

Is your natural color not too dark, but not too light either? Well, you should know that medium brown locks will look brilliant if you scatter some blonde streaks throughout them. To maintain an all-around earth tones color scheme, opt for some honey or caramel highlights.

12. Highlights Around the Face

Did you know that highlights around your face can have a major impact on your features? Contourage highlights, as they are known, frame the face superbly for dazzling effects.

13. Bronde Hair

To put it simply, bronde is a flawless combo between brown and blonde. It’s become a Hollywood favorite, with A-list celebs like Taylor Swift and Jessica Alba having rocked it.

14. Chocolate Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Milk chocolate brown hair and honey highlights are a breathtaking mix indeed! These two natural tones blend remarkably well together and with seemingly effortless results.

15. Brown Hair with Chunky Blonde Highlights

In most dye cases, you’ll see thin highlights spread out randomly through a woman’s hair. Nevertheless, some ladies opt for chunky blonde streaks. These provide a greater contrast between the color and are an excellent idea if you prefer a bolder approach to your hairstyle.

16. Reverse – Blonde Hair with Brown Highlights

You can always experiment the other way around too – try brown highlights on blonde hair. This idea works great for girls with naturally blonde hair and it’s a superb choice for anyone in search of a complete makeover.

17. Long Brown Hair with Blonde

Long hairstyles will almost always help you show off your new highlights in a glamorous way. Having longer locks also means you can play around with the color distribution. For example, you can get frontal highlights with lowlights.

18. Blonde Highlights and Dark Brown Undertones

On the other hand, you can also consider keeping those dark undertones. This is a terrific idea if you have an asymmetrical haircut, like an A-line bob. It helps contour this precise cut in a highly flattering way.

19. Reddish Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

To enhance dark ginger hair, a set of subtle highlights will definitely do the trick. If your natural hair color has red tones, you’re best off with some strawberry blonde highlights that blend well with the rest.

20. Dark Blonde Highlights

If your hair is naturally dark brown, you can try out dark blonde streaks for a more natural look. You can also add platinum or silver highlights to the mix as well.

21. Blended Blonde Highlights

Well-blended highlights will make it seem as if you have a solid but very shiny hair color. You should choose this option if you want to add some shimmer to your light brown locks.

22. Dark Brown Hair with Blonde and Red Highlights

You’ll often see red and blonde highlights paired together. One of the reasons for this is that, when applied on dark brown hair, they provide it a rich burgundy shine.

23. Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

If you want to maintain your brown base, but you long for bringing it to life and light, go for highlights and lowlights. To add dynamism and shape, choose highlights in a lighter color and lowlights in caramel or dark honey.

24. Rose Gold Highlights

Both rose gold and strawberry blonde are super trendy shades used for both highlights and balayage or ombre. You can combine these styling techniques to get a vivid shade of dirty blonde with a splash of pink over your naturally brown roots.

25. Subtle Blonde Shine

This is another example of the impact that subtle highlights can have on your hair. On a chocolate brown base, all you’ll have to do is blend some honey-colored highlights and voila, instant glam!

26. Brown Hair with Caramel and Blonde Highlights

This pretty mixture makes you think of a steaming cup of Irish coffee. It’s far from being your typical color mix, but it’s a dream come true for boho gals. The key is to evenly mix the caramel and silver-blonde highlights.

27. Ash Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Stand out from the crowd by adding platinum highlights that gracefully wrapped around your ash blonde or ash brown locks.

28. Caramel Blonde Lowlights

Not all ladies want highlights to go with their brown hair. Some would rather have strand-shaping lowlights. For a subtle approach, choose a deep caramel tone to outline either wavy or curly hair with lowlights.

29. Copper Blonde Highlights

Another alternative for flashy blonde highlights is this blonde copper hair color. This warm shade makes for a more natural transition from your natural color to your highlights. It will work specially well if you have a reddish-brown base.

30. Brown Hair with Blonde and Purple Highlights

Bohemian souls can express their unique style with blonde and purple highlights. This combination is feisty, fresh, and funky – all in one! Simply perfect for a girl who’s not afraid to show her true colors and attitude.

31. Blonde and Orange Mixture

Although this isn’t your typical highlight mixture, blonde and orange make for quite the visual impact when thrown in together. By adding bright red-orange highlights to the front, you can contour your face shape and bring out your facial features.

32. Honey Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

If you were born with honey brown hair, you don’t even need to stress about lightening it with blonde. What you can do to make the color pop is scatter some highlights that are just a shade or two lighter than your roots.

33. Blonde Undertones

Instead of opting for dark undertones and a lighter top, you can always have fun by going the other way around. Similar to lowlights, this balayage-inspired look contributes with volume and a charming shape.

34. Short Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

This is yet another example of the contrast you can achieve by placing platinum or silver highlights on dark brown hair.

35. Between Balayage and Highlights

A stunning way to get a rich color while using different shades is by using both the highlighting and the balayage coloring techniques. Choose two colors that go well together, such as honey blonde and ash blonde.

36. Silver Blonde Lowlights

With silver, ash, and charcoal hair colors conquered the beauty world, you will think about switching up to classic blonde streaks after seeing any one of these shades. Both lighter and darker silver tones are so chic and pretty!

37. Curly Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Highlights look simply perfect on naturally curly hair. That’s thanks to the fact that highlights will fabulously contour your corkscrew curls.

38. Golden Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

This coloring job is so well done that you can barely notice that highlights were applied in the first place. It’s another prime example of how you can get a boost of shine without going over the top.

39. Blonde and Burgundy Highlights

If you want even more contrast out of your red and blonde highlights mix, then go for burgundy! This combo looks especially radiant on dark brown hair, so keep it in mind if this is the case with you.

40. Brown Hair with Ash Blonde Highlights

One of the numerous benefits of ash blonde highlights, especially on brown hair, is that they add to the natural tone of the look. They come close to your earth-tone base to provide the eye-catching effect that highlights are meant for.

41. Blue and Blonde Streaks

This dark silver-blonde with electric blue highlights is a truly fabulous mix – made all the more perfect by that fishtail braid too. Yet again, this is a flattering hair coloring choice for bohemian or rebellious women.

42. Caramel Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

To switch back to natural approaches, this is what caramel brown hair with blonde highlights looks like. The results are appealing, classy, and visibly appropriate for all sorts of situations, environments, and occasions.

43. Autumn Colors Blend

Regardless if you’re in the middle of autumn or you’re just dying to have some fall-inspired colors in your hair, here is the solution! This is a complex mixture of blonde, honey, and caramel highlights and lowlights. The cinnamon-like results look marvelous!

44. Brown Hair with Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Strawberry blonde is always a sweet option for your highlights. This lavish choice will add original touch to your highlights while also adding warmth and a playful edge to them.

45. Brown Hair with Blonde Tint

This ever so subtle blonde tint is yet another exceptional way to add a bit more shine to your natural hair color. You won’t notice the individual highlights per se, but you will absolutely enjoy the shimmering results.

46. Blonde Highlights and Splashes of Rainbow

If you want your hair to be as colorful as your personality, go for it! In addition to blonde highlights, splash some memorable colors like red, purple, or blue. Go with any (or as many) tones as you want!

47. Brown Hair with Lots of Blonde Highlights

This abundance of magnificent platinum highlights result in an extraordinary half and half look. In the end, most people won’t even be able to tell if your natural color is brown or blonde!

48. Brown Hair with Light Blonde Highlights

These chunky ash blonde highlights look nothing less than phenomenal on light brown hair. An exquisite twist is provided by the auburn lowlights, which make the whole hair color work look delicious!

49. Blonde Highlights with Side Braid

If you have a new set of highlights, why not properly show them off? Any type of braiding will do the trick as it will help enhance the colors in your weaved portions.

50. Chocolate and Caramel Streaks

For this idea, it’s all about the way you mix delicious, eye candy tones to get a warm and alluring shade. This coloring work uses chunky caramel highlights on auburn brown hair in a way that sublimely complements the natural base.

51. Sunny Pixie Cut

Not only is Jennifer Lawrence one of the best-known actresses in the film industry, but she’s also a style icon for girls who love to keep it natural. Furthermore, she here proved that brown hair with blonde highlights is totally doable even if you have a pixie cut.

52. Straight Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Women with naturally straight hair should really consider a set of visible blonde highlights. This type of hair will really make the streaks stand out – without too much effort. The long bob above is also a good idea.

53. Tan Glam

Are you in love with the way tan hair looks, especially after you’ve done some well-deserved sunbathing? Well, the best way to go is a light brown and blonde combo, like Kim K. has in this shot. It’s all about getting a well-rounded shine without slipping into solid blonde.

54. Blonde Top, Brown Base

You can also choose to keep a portion of your brown hair without highlights – like the lower part in the example above. To compensate, lighten the entire top part with champagne blonde highlights leaving a few wisps of your natural brown here and there.

55. Black, Blonde, and Brown Hair with Highlights

Last but definitely not least, here’s a highlights blend that’s sure to impress. We recommend it for women who have brown to black hair and want to add some chocolate brown and blonde into the mix.

Brown hair with blonde highlights can be rocked by absolutely anyone looking for a change.

If you’re more laid back, you have countless ways to subtly incorporate the streaks to get a bit of shine. On the other hand, bold and fearless gals can go wild with an abundance of highlights or combinations with additional colors.

Go with your instinct and enjoy your new sparkling locks, and make sure to tell us what your choice was in the comments!



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