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Ultimate Curly Hairstyles With Bangs


The curly bangs hair trend has awakened the onslaught of new hairstyling ideas as well as some refurbished classics that have turned the styling women’s hairstyle world upside down.

One major style that has been featured in many glamor magazines is: curly hair with bangs being rocked either naturally or given some extra ‘oomph’ with the help of styling tools. Thankfully, imitating these styles is very easy, and achieving bangs with curly hair is more than possible for anyone with a good pair of shears.

Popular Curly Hairstyles with Bangs

Your hair is a part of your personality. Taking care of your body and face is not enough if you don’t put a little effort in styling and caring for your hair as well. How you style them may not be enough to tell the people who you are as a person, but it does show what you are at heart.

With curly hair, you are automatically blessed with a lot of extra pinches of aesthetics and natural beauty. So, why should you be hesitant in styling your curly hair with bangs how you would like them to be styled. Well-styled hair should suggest that you are a person of style.

For unparalleled beauty and a utopian hairstyle, the only option for you should be curly bangs. Curly hair always makes you unique with those twists and bounce, but accessorizing them and chopping some of them for bangs can help you appear 100 times hotter.

Curly hair with bangs has gained popularity within the last few years, featuring women who are finally embracing their natural curls instead of hiding them with damaging straightening processes. Here are 46 of our favorite bangs to try with curly hair:

1. Blonde Bangs

curly bangs for women

Here’s a great styling idea for short curly hairstyle to try with bangs. These bangs have been cut so that they are side swept, allowing for them to frame the face which makes the style playful and fun.

2. Face-Framing Bangs

side bangs with curly hair for teen girls

This curly bangs option is perfect for those who have long hair, especially if you’re not looking to cut much of your hair off. Just cut the bangs so that they frame your face and you’ll have this great layered effect as pictured above.

3. Small Puff Bangs

women's bangs style with curls

Here’s another bangs for short curly hair that is not only cute but easy to obtain. Just style your hair up into a puff and leave a small section out for your bang. You can either leave it as your natural curl pattern or set it in braids or twists for a more defined look.

4. Wild N Free Bangs

long curly hairstyle with bangs

This simple style is a great representation of long curly hair with bangs. The key to cutting your bangs so that they fall correctly is to cut the hair once it is completely dry and your curls have formed. That way you don’t risk cutting off too much hair and winding up with bangs that are too short to cover your forehead.

5. Messy Bun with Bangs

curly bangs with bun

Anyone who’s rocked a curly messy bun is probably guilty of leaving a piece out or two. These curled bangs are probably one of the most worn versions of this style, even though it’s primarily unintentional.


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