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Rock Braided Mohawk Hairstyles


Mohawk braids are an edgy and cool hair trend. These hairstyles allow you to wear a mohawk without having to shave your hair, so it is not permanent and gives you the chance to try this awesome look. There are so many different ways that you can wear a mohawk braid, from big and bold styles, to subtle three stand braids. We love these hairstyles and think you will too, so we have found 23 of the best mohawk braid hair ideas on Instagram. There is something for everyone, so make sure to take a look. Any of these will let out your inner rock chick in style!

1. Fully Braided Mohawk

The only way to start a selection of braided mohawks right is to showcase one that’s full of gorgeous braids.

Even though you have to work with a professional to get these impressive results, we guarantee that this protective hairstyle will make you shine.

2. Formal Faux Hawk

No matter how fun they are, formal events always come with a bit of preparation stress.

Once you have your outfit and accessories all sorted out, you have to find the perfect hairstyle. This formal faux hawk won’t disappoint!

3. Braided Mohawk Updo

On this note, you’d be surprised to find out just how many options you have for formal braided mohawks.

In addition to the long and luscious version we presented before, you can also style your faux hawk into a glamorous braided updo.

4. Side Braids Faux Hawk

On the other hand, you may want to try out a braided mohawk that leaves a large portion of your hair down.

If you have long hair, don’t hesitate to braid up the sides to get that faux hawk glam. It’s a must for girls with wavy or curly hair.

5. African Braided Mohawk Black Hair Idea

We can often find some of the most spectacular braided mohawks among hairstyles for African-American women.

Take this beautiful idea for example – an intricately woven mohawk with graceful bead accessories to accentuate the African culture inspiration.

6. Mohawk Cornrows Braids Hairstyle

Additionally, you can draw inspiration from specific braid styles, such as cornrows.

Use this braiding technique for the sides of your mohawk, with any design that matches your personality. After that, leave the top playfully curly.

7. Updo Mohawk with Two Side Braids

If cornrows are a bit too complicated for you, feel free to use the simplified version with two braids on each side. You can get them either through the classic French braiding method or the Dutch one, with 3D braids.

8. Casual Faux Hawk

We tend to associate the braided mohawk with fancy occasions, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t rock one on a day-to-day basis.

For a casual look, try braiding your mohawk loosely, adding a messy touch by gently tugging the woven strands in the center.

9. Braided Mohawk with High Ponytail

The beauty of braided mohawks is that they can be easily combined with other hairstyles.

For instance, you can choose to blend a mohawk braid with a high ponytail.

Not only is it a lovely hairstyle for work or school, but you can also count on it for a date or night out.

10. Ghana Braided Updo

Among African braiding styles, Ghana braids definitely have a charm of their own.

If you truly want to impress with your protective hairstyle, consider getting your Ghana braids with a mohawk silhouette. You’ll be radiant!

11. Classy Braided Mohawk

Now, this is a braided mohawk hairstyle that will make you stand out from the crowd.

We recommend it for sophisticated situations, such as a wedding or cocktail party. Also, you may want to get the help of a reliable hairstylist for the outcome you desire.

12. Faux Hawk with Curly Bangs

Were you ever curious about how you would look with bangs, but too afraid to start chopping?

Well, now you have the opportunity to test them out without hitting the scissors.

Create your faux hawk by bringing your tips to the front and over your forehead.

13. Braided Braids Faux Hawk

With braids, you can always count on “the more, the merrier” approach. If you have a braided mohawk with long extension braids, you can take the latter and braid them even more!

We’re sure you’ll love how the hairstyle turns out!

14. Mohawk Braids with Shaved Sides

Are you a daring gal who isn’t afraid to step out of her comfort zone? Try this edgy braided mohawk out.

It works both for women who want to experiment with shave sides and those who already have them.

This way, your mohawk will actually be authentic!

15. Braided Mohawk for Long Hair

The longer your hair is, the more braiding opportunities you’ll have at hand.

As a result, you can play around with various braiding styles to complement your mohawk. You can even leave a few braids down on the sides for an original touch.

16. Natural Hair with Faux Hawk

Have you succeeded in growing your hair to a length you’re proud of?

If you want to continue the process with the same dazzling results, you should look into natural hairstyles that are specifically designed for beautiful protection.

The natural hair faux hawk is to die for!

17. Mohawk Braids with Weave

Alternatively, you may prefer weaves for adding length, density, and volume to your hair. In this case, you can get a mohawk braid with a weave.

However, make sure you choose one of the safer installation methods so you won’t damage your natural hair.

18. Punk Faux Hawk

If we go back to the origins of the mohawk trend in modern society, we have to acknowledge punk subculture.

If this is your vibe, you should think about getting a braided mohawk with a punk approach.

By creating small, teased ponytails throughout the center, you’ll get a fanned mohawk-like result.

19. Knotted and Braided Mohawk

You shouldn’t limit yourself to only one braiding style for your mohawk. If you want to get creative, consider adding knots to your mohawk braid.

Nevertheless, make sure the knots aren’t too tight so you won’t have a hard time taking them apart afterward.

20. Half Up Faux Hawk

The braided mohawk is such a generous and versatile hairstyle that you can wear it even half up, half down.

We particularly recommend this approach if you want to emphasize the length of your overall hair while spicing up your look at the same time.

21. Edgy Mohawk Hairstyle

We have yet another punk-inspired mohawk braid for you to feast your eyes on. It’s an amazing way you can think outside of the box and obtain a hairstyle that you won’t see on every other woman.

The ring accessories are definitely the cherry on top here.

22. Mohawk Braids with Twist

The two strand twist is an iconic African braiding style that has the magic of flattering basically anyone who wears it.

To liven up your version, try to mix your two strand twists with cornrows for a mohawk that will leave a long-lasting impression.

23. Ombre Braided Mohawk

If you have an ombre hairstyle, the braided mohawk is just what you need to accentuate your color blend.

Thanks to the shape of the mohawk, you’ll be able to fully appreciate the two distinct colors in your hair, no matter what tones they are.

24. Twisted Faux Hawk Updo

You most likely have noticed by now that your mohawk doesn’t always have to be with classic three strands braids. There are plenty of twisting techniques you can use, whether they’re jumbo braids or smaller ones.

25. Pin Up Braided Faux Hawk

Now this is what we call a creative hairstyle!

Not only does this marvelous look involve jaw-dropping dreadlocks, but it also wraps them into wonderful victory rolls.

In a nutshell, it’s how you can rock a pin up hairstyle with an awesome modern approach.

26. Boho Braided Mohawk

Even if you’re not a boho gal yourself, it’s impossible to not appreciate the effortless beauty that goes into bohemian hairstyles. If you do have a boho soul though, don’t hesitate to make your mohawk reflect that.

27. Braided Mohawk with Curly Weave

In addition to weaves with straightened hair, you can also use curly ones for your faux hawk.

All you have to do is get cornrows on the side and use curly extensions for the rest.

You’ll enjoy a superb hairstyle that mirrors your natural hair texture.

28. Unicorn Braid Hairstyle

One of the biggest braiding trends among girls in the past few years is totally the unicorn braid.

It’s a super cute hairstyle that involves a mohawk-like braid only on the top part of your head.

Work in as much volume as you can for that section and leave the rest of your hair down.

29. Box Braids Mohawk with Undercut

We have another cool idea for our ladies with undercuts or shaved sides. Add box braids in the center and back parts for fantastic results.

All you have to do is pick your favorite braid style and go get the extensions installed professionally.

30. Loose Ponytail Braided Mohawk

If you feel a high ponytail is too much for you, easily opt for a casual ponytail to go with your braided mohawk.

It’s yet another great idea that you can explore for a change of look at work or school if you have medium or long hair.

31. Mohawk with Braids for Short Hair

But that doesn’t mean that our short-haired girls are left out! Quite the contrary – you can rock one of the cutest braided mohawks on our list.

If your short locks are curly, all you have to do is braid the sides and tease the top!

32. Vibrant Braided Mohawk

Color is a terrific way you to experiment with your appearance. You can look into vivid hues for your pretty mohawks such as this bright pink and magenta balayage.

When you top it all off with the braided hairstyle, you’ll get the attention of all those around you.

33. Crown Mohawk Braid

Every queen deserves to wear her crown. To take this metaphor to the next level, you can get your mohawk with a crown braid technique.

Choose any halo braid style you want and work your braid onto your forehead for an extra fabulous look.

34. Fishtail Braided Mohawk with Plait

To continue our idea of mixing braids for your mohawk, here’s an example that you’ll certainly want to try out.

The main braid is presented with a flat plait technique, while the mohawk part is highlighted with the help of a fishtail braid. So pretty!

35. Pull Through Mohawk Braid

Another braiding style you can test out is the fashionable pull-through braid.

Not only has it been consistently trending for a while now, but it’s also one of the best braids for extra volume.

Use it if you want a mohawk that won’t go by unnoticed!

36. Voluminous Braided Faux Hawk

Speaking of volume, here’s one of the most ravishing big braided mohawks from our collection.

Although it involves messy styling, it has every reason to be on your shortlist of hairstyles for fancy events.

The voluminous outcome will make your jaw drop!

37. Goth Braided Mohawk

Just like punk mohawks, goth ones are a great way to show your love for a certain subculture.

If you have a dark and mysterious soul, you should go for this braided mohawk approach.

Like with other complex mohawks on our list, we encourage you to work with a professional for this one.

38. Pompadour Braided Mohawk

When you think of it, retro style has been in fashion since its inception all the way up to our days.

If you want to add some vintage glam to your mohawk, all you have to do is work a pompadour into it. You’ll also enjoy a rockabilly edge to your look.

39. Mohawk Braid with Chignon

There’s no doubting the elegance of chignons. The French hairstyle is known for its natural refinement, regardless of how you style it.

For a meaningful appearance at a special event, go for a faux hawk that ends in a luxurious chignon.

40. Braided Mohawk with Jewelry

We always recommend using accessories for truly original hairstyles.

Our advice is even more relevant when it comes to braided mohawks, particularly if you want to make yours unique.

Feel free to use any jewelry you feel would accentuate your hairstyle.

41. Viking Braids Faux Hawk

Whether you’re head over heels in love with the Vikings TV series or you’re passionate about Norse legend in general, you’re going to adore this faux hawk.

Inspired by the signature hairstyle (?) of the Scandinavian explorers, Viking mohawk braids look phenomenal.

42. Braided Mohawk with Low Braided Bun

Get ready to be flooded with compliments once you have a hairstyle like this braided mohawk.

It takes the mohawk braid idea to a whole new level by incorporating a large, swirling braid that forms a bun at the back of your neck.

43. Faux Hawk with Reverse Side Braids

When using braids on the sides of our mohawks, we usually start from the bottom and braid upwards.

But what if you were to do so the other way around? You’ll end up with a genuinely distinct hairstyle that you won’t risk finding on every other gal.

44. Two Tone Braided Mohawk

If you have a bright personality, you deserve a hairstyle just as vibrant as your state of mind.

For this, we warmly recommend an unconventional braided mohawk with two tones on top. You’ll stand out from the crowd in a terrifically creative way.

45. Braided Faux Hawk with Highlights

Still, you can always opt only for highlights to sprinkle some color into your hairstyle.

Pick any shade you want for your streaks, as they’ll shine in your mohawk either way. Nonetheless, go for contrasting tones if you want more of a “wow” effect.

46. Flat Twist Mohawk Braid

Throughout the variety of protective hairstyles available for women with afro-textured hair, flat twists are one of the most popular.

Not only are they highly simple to create, but they’re also extremely good-looking. Try this technique for your braided mohawk.

47. Colorful Braided Mohawk

Not afraid to go all out with your hairstyle? In addition to a messy, punk-style braided mohawk, get multicolor highlights!

Whether you use a temporary coloring technique or permanent dye, you’ll look absolutely brilliant with a colorful mohawk.

48. Braided Mohawk with Afro Top

We’re huge fans of afro hairstyles and how they express strong personalities.

If you’re lucky enough to have this natural hair texture, don’t hesitate to work with it for your braided mohawk.

Use cornrows for the sides and leave the top fabulously curly.

49. Complex Faux Hawk

The more time you put into your mohawk, the more eye-catching it will turn out.

We encourage you to take this tip into consideration if you’re prepping for a special occasion. Any complex mohawk will be an admiration magnet.

50. Fishtail Mohawk Braid with Low Ponytail

Finally, we want to wrap up our mohawk ideas with an adorable and sassy fishtail mohawk braid with a low ponytail.

As a final note, we welcome you to explore our other favorite braid styles for even more creative hairstyle inspiration.

In summary, we’re sure that you’ll be rocking a braided mohawk more often now that you know how many possibilities you have.

You can tailor this sexy hairstyle to any environment, whether it’s a black-tie event, a rock concert or a boho festival.

All you have to do is add your personal touch to your favorite example and you’ll enjoy a unique and beautiful hairstyle!



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