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Balcony Study Room Ideas


We can use our balconies not only as a rest area, but also as an extra room. In this sense, one of the most prominent ideas is to use the balconies as a study room. In other words, if you don’t have a room for a study room, the balcony may be one of the most ideal places for you.

To do this, you first need to identify the necessary items, depending on the size of your balcony. Secondly, it will be appropriate to decide the decoration style and colors you want. Finally, you can determine the decorative objects you will use to customize your workspace.

Furniture Selection

When it comes to the design of the study room, even on the balcony, one of the most important factors that will affect your productivity is the choice of furniture. Especially the choice of work table and chair is very important. When choosing a table, it is also important to consider what will be on the table, along with the width of the room. If you have a narrow space, it is better to choose a functional table. It will be correct to choose a table that will fit easily with the technological products, working tools and equipment that you will use.

Your chair should be neither too comfortable nor too disturbing. You will sleep in a very comfortable chair, and you will not want to sit in a very uncomfortable position.

In addition, the library is among those that should not be bypassed. It creates a peaceful working environment and makes it easier to access the books and documents you need. When choosing, it is beneficial to pay attention to be compatible with the general decoration in terms of color and style. If you don’t have enough space for the library, you can also take advantage of the decorative shelves that you will mount on the wall.

Balcony Home Office Ideas
Balcony Home Office Ideas

Blackboard & Clipboard

Using a writing board or a clipboard or cork board will add both difference and functionality to your balcony study room. You can plan on the blackboard, take notes of what you want to remember. Likewise, you can hang important notes on your board; you can attach beautiful words or photos that will motivate you.

Color Selection

It would be appropriate to use neutral tones such as beige instead of vivid colors that will distract attention. If you want to add joy to the environment, you can use vibrant colors in decorative objects.

If your balcony is small or narrow, it will be appropriate to use light colors such as white or cream color.


In order to work efficiently, it will be beneficial to get rid of distractions around you as much as possible. Put as few items as possible in your balcony study room and simplify. In other words, think from the beginning if everything you put on your desk or in your room will work for you.


Depending on the light your balcony study room receives, decide on the flowers you can look at. Do not go away from simplicity and decorative while doing this.

The plants you place in your room will help clean the air and increase your concentration. For this, you can include plants such as Aloe vera, ivy, Benjamin, ribbon flower or peace flower.

In order to make you feel life and do not emit bad energy, we recommend you to use live flowers that do not have dried or artificial flowers. You can also choose plants such as rosemary, whose smell is effective on memory.

Curtains & Shades

Since the balcony in question is the working area, the choice of curtains is very important if you will use your balcony indoor.

Light curtains will be in place to create a bright environment. However, if desired, it will work on dark blinds to create a dim and relaxing area.

On open balconies, shades or parasols to be mounted on the ceiling provide convenience for creating suitable shade areas.



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