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Curtains for the Room of a Teenager


Many designers agree that curtains are one of the main elements of the interior and are able to transform the entire decorated room. Maybe, therefore, the choice of products should be treated with a great sense of responsibility, especially when it comes to choosing curtains in a teenage room for a boy, which can affect the overall design of the room.

Adolescence is a period of complex changes in the life of a boy. This is not childhood, but the initial stage of growing up. At this time, the character of the future man is forming, and his soul strives for perfection, for self-affirmation. Designers, decorators recommend when changing the interior of the child’s room to listen to his opinion, think through the changes, coordinating the decision with the boy. The desire of a teenager, however absurd it seemed to an adult, should be maximally realized when decorating his room. It is necessary to try to translate its idea, having reconsidered all possible variants. Experienced and creative masters will prompt you how to make a room such as its child represents, parents want to see.

Much attention is paid to the choice of material. The choice is based on the quality and characteristics of the tissue:

  • natural;
  • safe for the child (not causing allergies);
  • eco-friendly;
  • easy to clean (not holding up a lot of dust).

The types of fabrics that combine all the requirements include cotton, linen, bamboo, muslin.

Another problem when choosing curtains is the creation of comfort, comfort. Curtains will complete the interior, create a single space, combining furniture, decorations, windows. They should attract the eye, becoming an important decorative element of the children’s living space.

Before you go to buy curtains, you should carefully read the tips of designers on this issue:

  • curtains are better to choose from a durable material. Any boyish game: ball, table tennis, football require movements. It is clear that some actions will touch the curtain fabric. Unstable matter can lose its quality. The view will deteriorate, the original beauty will be lost;
  • reliable cornice. A convenient closing and opening system is also important for the adolescent. He can change the illumination several times during the day, so it is important that the curtains move easily, without additional efforts, sudden movements, stress. The modern version can be considered eyelets that look noble, as seen in the photo, they also conveniently move along the cornice, increase visually the area of ​​the window;
  • hard lambrequin. It can be matched in the tone of furniture and walls. The sets of curtains are changing, but the lambrequin remains. Various variants of such changes are presented in the photo. For lambrequin it is recommended to choose an original unusual drawing, a teenage one, close to the theme of general design: cars, motorcycles, robots, computer graphics. The dense upper part of the lambrequin is practically immovable, does not move, does not move around the window, supporting the entire appearance of the structure. Do not advise to add picks, clips, various cords, ropes. It is better if the form is simply hanging down to a certain level without the various fabric holders;
  • for the boy is ideal for roll or Roman blinds. They are very convenient to use, you can choose the right color and hue. Easily change the illumination of the room, which is clearly visible in the photo. At the same time, their advantages in modern stylish decor. Boys always want to look adult, so this choice of parents will surely appeal to him;
  • the optimal length of the curtains. The most popular are long curtains, the most comfortable for a child of this age. The photo shows that this is a modern, sporty, easy-to-size size.

Color selection

The color of the curtains, according to the designers, should be in harmony with the children’s furniture, especially with a sleeping place. Curtains are selected taking into account the compatibility with the color of the sofa or bedspread. The combination of colors does not imply a choice of “tone to tone”, it is important to choose the right mix of colors.

If the furniture is made in warm muted tones, the curtains are chosen more brightly, so that they shade the windows, hiding the place of rest from the sight as possible. If, on the contrary, the furniture is bright, stand out, shades of curtain fabric are chosen more calm. Such a connection will create psychological comfort in the room for the boy. It is important, as psychologists advise, not to irritate the emerging psyche of a child of this age. It is hard to be constantly among bright colorful products. This can lead to nervous breakdowns of the teenager, frequent changes of mood, tears and screams.

Do not recommend choosing a color scheme in the tone of the walls, as it merges with the wallpaper and will lose its significance. To list the most recommended colors does not make sense, since any color, if it creates an interesting combination, can be applied and used in tailoring the product.

Thematic kits

Sometimes for the boy the thematic interior design is chosen.

Themes Drawing of curtains Recomendations
Marine themes.

Creation of the ship’s environment.

The curtains are selected with a sea view. Tulle in the form of a grid. On curtains fix various elements of decor: anchors, ropes, jellyfish, starfish. They are located on lambrequin, tulle. Due to the drawing, a single thematic space of sea voyage is created, this can be seen in the photo. The main thing is to withstand the norm, do not go too far in details and color diversity, so as not to create the impression of chaos, disorder.
Technical theme. In this version, the fabric is chosen with the image of a favorite type of equipment: trucks, cars, motorcycles. Now the assortment allows you to find the desired pattern. It can be different types of fabric with the image of transport.
Sports theme For sports fans it is easy to find material with the image of sports equipment: balls, dumbbells, tennis rackets. The fabric is chosen light, as the movements of the athlete. Its color is soft, inconspicuous, monophonic. Sports equipment on the fabric is small in size. If there are many images, they will distract from the lessons, the performance of school lessons. It is better to minimize small details. The version of the sports room presented in the photo is the most selectable.
Music theme For music lovers do not recommend curtains with a picture. It is advisable to choose monophonic noble fabrics. Pictures on the fabric will not create such conditions. Moreover, the walls of the room of a small musician with time are transformed into a gallery with posters of singers – idols. The guitar hanging on the wall, the synthesizer is enough to understand what the child is passionate about. The curtain should help the boy’s disposition to play music.

When choosing curtains, parents should understand that a teenager will live in the children’s room, and they will be only guests. Therefore, when choosing curtains, one should be guided by the wishes and enthusiasm of the boy himself.

To create a truly comfortable and attractive interior in the children’s room, you need to take into account many factors, including the sex of the child, his age, his preferences regarding color. It is important not to forget about the curtains in the children’s room for the boy, which, as in the photo, should be combined with the interior and, if necessary, protect from too bright light. Choosing curtains in a nursery for a boy should become an important point for parents if they want to create a really attractive and comfortable design in the child’s room.

The nature of the decoration of the child creates an appropriate mood for the child living in it. In a beautiful interior, I want to return, he has to rest, relax, quickly restore strength and raise morale. And the most important is the correct selection of such seemingly small things as curtains.

Today, specialized stores offer a huge selection of curtains of various kinds, curtains, tulle to decorate window openings in the house. They are also necessary for hanging window openings from bright rays of sunlight, as well as hiding from the curious looks of passers-by and neighbors.

However, this is by no means the only function performed by textiles on windows. Such an element of decor performs an aesthetic function, giving the interior integrity and completeness, and also contributing to greater comfort in the room.

To make the room really look as cozy and aesthetically attractive as possible, and the atmosphere in it was healthy and having a rest, you need to take a responsible approach to choosing curtains.

Features of textiles for windows

When buying such accessories in the children’s room, it is necessary to take into account the sex of the child for whom the interior is intended, because the design options for curtains for children for girls and for the boy differ significantly. Think about it, growing a real man is not easy, but if you provide him the best conditions for growth, creating a comfortable and beautiful room design, then it will be easier to achieve this goal.

It’s no secret that the fabrics for sewing window curtains must certainly be quality, environmentally friendly. This is the first principle when creating a design of a dwelling, especially a room for a child. The pigments used for its coloring, various fixing agents, should not contain substances harmful to the health of the child. After touching the qualitative curtain, there should be no traces of paint on the fingers.

In addition, attention should be paid to the color of the future textile, the availability of a print or a plot on it, the matching of the curtain design to the decoration of the walls and the floor in the nursery, as well as other equally important factors. Let’s talk about each of them in more detail.

Actual color solution

To bring up a real man, conqueror of the cosmos, fearless race driver or successful athlete, the textiles for his room should be laconic, interesting and bold. Here, gentle pink or purple shades are hardly suitable.

Standard options: juicy blue, fresh green, luxurious brown. All shades of voiced colors are actively used in creating interiors for boys. They are combined with pastel tones to get a spacious and bright room.

Today the most common variants are:

  • brown + blue + white;
  • brown + light green + beige;
  • blue + blue + beige and others.

Much less often the decoration of the boys’ rooms can be performed in red or orange tones, aubergine or black. Abuse of too bright color shades is also not allowed, because they can stimulate nervous irritation in the child and do not let him relax.

Remember, in spite of everything, the child’s room should be light, because there must be a healthy atmosphere in it. Only then will the baby be provided with the best conditions for development and growth.

Choice of subjects

Particular attention from the parents of the boy requires the theme, in which the design of the textile window openings of his room is made. It must necessarily correspond to the age of the child and contribute to the development of his skills, imagination and thinking.

Deep blue Sea

The most popular for the interior design of the nursery for the boy is the marine theme. It allows design thought to use interesting shapes and textures of the fabric:

  • you can make a curtain that looks like a sail, blown by the winds. Look at the following photo, where this design is depicted. Such interiors help the small captain to develop his imagination and spatial thinking, to learn the world and to discover new horizons for himself;
  • also interesting is the combination of dense monophonic textiles on windows with a cloth simulating a fishing net. This curtain looks very laconic and original. Make sure of this when looking at the next photo with a picture of such a room. The design of such a plan allows you to escape from daily worries, as well as dreaming about distant travel to new countries;
  • you can also use a cloth with drawings of ships, anchors, sea stars, skates, as in the next photo. However, we note that this is more likely an option for a child of lower grades, because a teenager in such an interior can be uncomfortable. But a child of primary school age will be delighted by the bright sea pattern on the curtains.

Marine themes

Roman curtains

Sport makes a boy a man

For the future of this hero, sports will be an excellent option. Curtains up to the floor with a print of a soccer ball or racing bolides in the nursery for a boy look very dynamic and catchy. This design is depicted in the following photo, it is really created for courageous and courageous persons.

Favorite cartoon of the kid

Look good options with a large image of the hero’s favorite cartoon or book, as in the photo below. They can be made of light chiffon or, conversely, a dense fabric. Images are possible, for example, Winnie the Pooh, Tom and Jerry or Mickey Mouse.

The main thing is that the curtain is not burdened with other decorative elements, otherwise it will be too overloaded in the aesthetic sense. This is for a girl, flower bows can be appropriate on any curtain, the boy’s excess decorativeness will be superfluous.

Masculine brevity

In the design of space for a boy it’s good to use Roman curtains of a juicy shade or striped theme. This option looks very simple, but at the same time stylish, refined. Such variants are appropriate, as in the photo, in the room of a teenager or a young man.

Especially the curtains of such a design is convenient to use if the child’s desk is closely connected to the window, because in such a situation a long tulle will swish between the countertop and the wall. Short Roman curtains will perfectly cope with the function of shading the window from direct sunlight, but it will look very appropriate.

Frequent errors when choosing curtains

Choosing the wrong aesthetically and unattractive curtains for the children’s room, in which the boy lives, is also quite simple. To prevent such a mistake, carefully study the photos of a selection of successful designs of such a room and advice from experts about this topic.

Professional designers argue that in the boy’s room there should be nothing feminine or untidy. Next in the table are the most common errors in the design of curtains for the boy.

Typical errors:

  • use too dark or “dirty” color shades. This interior looks gloomy, sloppy;
  • the choice of colors that are more suitable for the girl;
  • the purchase of cheap fabric for sewing curtains, which is of low quality, and, most likely, will not look neat. This applies to synthetic curtains, capable of collecting static charge, which is unacceptable for the children’s room;
  • the manufacture of curtains with frills, ruffles, tassels. Such models are more maiden in character and for a brave boy they do not fit;
  • heavy textiles in young children are not appropriate. The child simply will not be able to control such window shutters if necessary, and the room with such textiles on the windows will be dark.

The article highlights basic recommendations from experienced specialists in choosing a really high-quality, beautiful, as well as stylish curtains for a room where a male child lives. If in doubt, select the finished version of the design from the photos presented in the article and adapt it to the parameters of the room.

Familiar to all the curtains are in fact almost the same age as a reasonable person. True, at first they were made from animal skins and hung the entrance to the first human dwellings-caves. But later, when people learned to build a house of wood, stone and bricks from burnt clay, the curtains moved to the windows, protecting the people of Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece from the scorching sun.

In the room of a small child

General rules of choice for curtains designed to keep the peace of the children’s room are simple and simple:

  • The fabric from which the curtains are made must be safe and environmentally friendly.
  • Practicality and functionality of the material used is desirable.
  • Aesthetics and harmony are also important for the fabric window frame.

Fabrics for curtains choose only from natural materials, simple in care. The fact is that synthetic additives to tissues increase their property of accumulating a static charge. Therefore, curtains made of artificial fabrics (and even with their small content) work as a kind of dust collector. For a room where a child with a still unstable immunity lives, this situation is unacceptable.

For window protection of a children’s room inexpensive materials from a clap, viscose and their combinations will approach. Fabric expensive to use no sense – baby will not feel any difference. And care will require much more than cotton-viscose window protection.

Mount for curtains, choose a reliable, and the cornices themselves better attached better. Fidget, knowing the world, is quite capable of pulling the blind along with the cornice to its head with a flimsy fastening.

Sources for inspiration

Choosing options for curtains in the children’s room, where the main part of the life of the growing representative of the strong half of humanity passes, be guided first of all by the tastes of the child. This will simplify the task and help create a cozy little world where the boy will feel comfortable.

The source of additional ideas will be specialized magazines or the Internet, where among the various examples with photos you will easily be able to pick up an attractive option. Curtains for a boy to choose a little more difficult than for young ladies, which sometimes enough material of bright and delicate shades, decorated with all sorts of flowers. Knowing the dreams, fantasies and interests of the future man and attentively listening to the wishes, you will surely be able to choose the best for the child version of curtains in the children’s room.

Sensations of aesthetic imagery and taste awaken in children at an early age. The preference of the formed person is based on memories from childhood. Registration of a child’s bedroom, taking into account the fundamental rules of interior design, is of paramount importance. When designing children’s art-design, it is important to take into account safety techniques, ignition warning, adhere to environmental and sanitary standards. When choosing curtains in a nursery for a boy, photoThe assortment will become the main assistant for the baby’s parents. Children grow at lightning speed, therefore it is required to change the situation in the room every year. Transform the territory of the bedroom, get fresh decorative elements of the room atmosphere. Designers-designers agree on the opinion that the curtains are the centerpiece of the decoration. Framing of windows fully completes the design panel.

Curtains in the nursery for the boy have their own characteristics

Completing the thematic orientation of the game, pay due attention to the presentability of the appearance and do not forget about the safety of the material that is used in doing so. As children grow up, age interests and hobbies change, so watchful parents are constantly in search of eccentric ideas for re-equipping a dwelling place of a son or a daughter. The fashionably selected curtain becomes an alternative option for resuming the decor. Below we will consider in detail the issues of recruiting children’s curtains and will understand the assortment offered by the textile factory.

Curtains in the children’s room regulate the sleep and wakefulness of the child

  • Protective purpose.The room, the location of which is located in the northern part of the house, will not fit dense heavy curtains, because this will create the strongest hopelessness in the sunless game. It is best to purchase a light, airy fabric. But for a sunny bedroom, use dense curtains that will protect children from the excess of ultraviolet rays, especially in the summer. Especially for this, fabric corporations produce specialized knitwear that allows air to circulate and simultaneously protects a person from sunlight. Bamboo, cotton, muslin or linen curtains are perfect for a children’s room, as this is a natural, environmentally friendly material.
  • Aesthetic purpose.Drapery – the final decoration stroke, emphasizing the style of the interior. Tinsel fabric will play the role of spectacular memorable decorative details and will concentrate on itself all attention.

For the sunny side of the room, it’s better to choose tight curtains

Curtains in the nursery for boys can be interesting to drape, for example, using lambrequins

Choosing curtains in a nursery for a boy will take the same amount of time as selecting curtains in a bedroom or a guest room, but the selection criteria exhibited for similar elements in the rest of the house will become more demanding.

Selection and quality of fabric

The fabric intended for toddlers requires careful inspection. Textiles can not be predisposed to ignition and evaporate when scorched, a revaluation amount of toxic, and toxic components. To protect health and life of crumbs, it is extremely important to apply to quality organic clean fabrics. Natural textiles are made of natural materials: silkworm threads, linen, cotton fibers. Natural tissues are divided into three subgroups – plant origin (raw materials based on flax, hemp and cotton), mineral (asbestos and awn) and animal (animal wool and silk insects).

Curtains in the children’s room for boys are better to choose from natural materials

Curtains in the room for the boy should be environmentally friendly

When selecting curtains for children’s apartments, pay attention to the following points, they will help to make the right choice:

  1. Strength.Children are a never-ending rush of energy, even the most imperturbable boy has a splash of accumulated forces. Therefore, worry about a secure nailed cornice and strong drapery.
  2. Easy cleaning.Do not forget that a child, a teenager or a youngster, is not an adult sensible person. Palm prints or new pens with pencils may well leave their mark on new curtains. Do not buy unnecessarily expensive curtains, because they will often have to be washed.
  3. Practicality.Do not bother with abstruse pick-ups and clinging ribbons-tape. Curtains in the hands of the child require comfort and practicality.
  4. Length. For a youthful room, short fabric products are best. Do not rush with long, lush configurations in the baroque style, use better short curtains. It is always fashionable, modern and comfortable.

In the room for boys it is better to choose practical curtains

Determined with the color gamut

Window fabric is selected to the remaining room textile or furniture. If the furniture is dominated by brightly evocative colors, the curtains are better to acquire a neutral color, and saturated contrasting curtains will give a steady location to the neutral tone room. Adolescent boys will be approached with simple monosyllabic colors: blue, blue, purple, khaki, orange and mustard. It is proved that muted green huesoothingly affects the central nervous system . Ocher Colorcontributes to the appearance of appetite and warms the room, which is oriented to the north. Blue
causes in the child the desire to achieve knowledge. Cherry
– Suitable for children melancholic sedentary temperament, because this shade motivates to action.

Neutral delicate color curtains in the nursery for boys – babies

Advice! The walls and curtains are identical in color – a bad tone! The windows merge with the wallpaper, and the interior loses its colorfulness!

On a pastel transparent background, a fine but prominent pattern is appropriate: a flag, a typewriter, ships, houses, fairy-tale characters, and geometric patterns: circles, squares and stripes. A clear background like a picture of a saturated color of the same color palette. Thematic drawing – balls, alphabet, animals.

There are curtains in the children’s room for boys with a photo drawing

A monochrome layer will be decorated with a contrasting patchwork or pattern, the details of which are located at a remote distance.

Catching curtains in the form of soft toys will surely please your child

Curtains for a teenager

In this age period, the main themes of decorating are the characters of your favorite cartoons or serials. The son-schoolboy is impressed by thematic images, ornaments and patterns, so the appearance of the appearance will manifest itself in a complex detail and specific elements. Boys-teenagers coolly refer to decorative delights in the form of bows and ruches, do not zealous and hang the curtains like a Christmas tree. Remember, the main rule is minimalist decor and practicality of management.

The children’s room for boys will be a good option Roman blinds

Curtains in a children’s room for a boy in a marine style can be styled as a sailboat

Curtains in a children’s room for teenage boys should not distract the home lessons at the table

Print. The idea of ​​a textile print is also very popular, it gives the canvas an original look. Apply the image to the entire plane of the product or conceptually. The most suitable subject: favorite cartoon characters, cars, sports, marine themes, space and animals. Decorate the curtains in the style of graffiti, many schoolchildren are not indifferent to this kind of creativity. The fabric depicting the sea, perfectly suited for a room in a marine style. By placing uninhabited islands, powerful pirate ships, sandy beaches on the canvas, you will certainly be interested in your young seafarer.

Print curtains with machines is perfect for the interior of the nursery for boys

If the son is a future astronomer, he will be inspired by the curtains sprinkled with stars and planets. For a music lover, a steep electric guitar and a drum set, depicted on the canvas, will be practical.


Textile design of curtains

The design of curtains in a room for a boy is quite versatile, but despite this, adhere to some established rules of decoration. Do not buy curtains from heavy and heavy material. Stop on organza or light tulle.

The school age of the child determines its focus on learning. The new appointment radically changes the atmosphere of the interior. The texture and configuration of the curtains comes to the fore. The presence of distracting elements is unacceptable on the curtain fabric. Preferred monotony of the color gamut and stabilized geometric configurations. The best styles of this age group: minimalism,hitech and Art Nouveau. These stylistic directions are distinguished by neutrality and smoothness. The principle of positioning is based on comfort and rationalism, which are so close to man’s temperament. Achromatic exposure becomes the main characteristic. Based on the nature of the student, it adds activating or restraining color tonalities.

You can combine the curtains in the children’s room for boys

A popular method of detailing is a durable lambrequin that covers the cornice. The plane of lambrequin is decorated with appliqués on a monolithic theme. For such a complete set of curtains it is difficult to look after, and they are expensive. The lambrequin’s lush elements are expressive and it is not lost on the background of colorful images.

Be sure to coordinate the choice of curtains directly with your son, as to live in this room is for him, not you. Because, the main task of design is to make the room comfortable and practical for an individual.

Curtains for the children’s room

Children at different ages have different requirements for curtains – babies like to pull a hanging cloth, kids hide behind it or use it in building forts, and adolescent boys have a tight “blackout” so that nothing prevents them from sleeping even during the day… We, parents, we want curtains to easily wear off, do not collect dust, fit into the budget and interior.

About what else you need to consider, choosing ready-made curtains in the nursery for the boy or fabric for sewing, read further in the article with 11 tips and a selection of photos.

1. Select curtains that will “echo” the interior details

In choosing the design and color of the fabric, it’s easiest to orientate on wallpaper, furniture, and / or textiles in the room (bedspreads).

2. For a baby from 0 to 3 years is better to choose …

… dense curtains “blackout” in pastel colors, so that nothing would interfere with the observance of sleep.

Keep in mind that if you want to hang long curtains or curtains with a regulating cord, then the crib and the playing area should be located away from the window.

Photo-examples of beautiful curtains in interiors of rooms of boys-babies:

3. For a boy from 3 to 12 years is better to choose …

… curtains bright, but not flashy colors with an interesting drawing. After all, in this most curious period in the life of a child, when he is just beginning to know the world around him, the situation of the room should contribute to this.

Fabrics can decorate:

  • Funny and funny pictures – for example, little animals, robots, dinosaurs, colored cars and other images that boys always like.
  • Simple, but interesting stories that are pleasant to look at before going to sleep.
  • Prints that reflect the interests of the baby – for example, if he likes airplanes or some character in the film, then let the curtains reflect this.

Examples of suitable curtain design in a child’s boy can be seen in the next slider.

4. For a boy-teenager over 12, it is better to choose …

In adolescence, boys will like opaque blackout curtains, as well as dense or rough fabrics like flax. According to the design and color, young people will like, most likely, classic and strict models – single-color or with a completely adult design. Contrasting combinations, dark and deep colors, cage tartans, stripes, large stars, prints like the British flag – these are the ideas that can be offered to the owner of the room.

5. When choosing the color of the fabric, consider the degree of illumination of the child’s

For poorly illuminated and “northern” children’s bedrooms, it is better to choose curtains in warm and light colors: white, yellow, beige, orange. These colors create the illusion of sunlight in the room and make it more cheerful.

Also see our other materials:

If the windows of the room go to the south and the room is often illuminated well, then fabrics in the cold range: blue, gray, turquoise, will look better. However, in a bright room will be appropriate curtains of any color, even dark.

In the next slider there are photos of curtains of warm and cold colors in the interior.

6. For a small child is preferable light curtains with a fine pattern

Dark or too bright fabrics with a large pattern will visually reduce the space. But light with a small and unobtrusive figure will not “eat” daylight, nor the footage of a small room.

  • If, then we recommend to choose curtains in a horizontal strip, zig zag or pattern.
  • Raise the low ceilings will help the curtains in a vertical strip, and hang them better as high as possible.

7. The most universal curtain colors: white, beige and light gray

These shades look good in the nursery of any color and style. Especially they are good in the event that:

  • The interior of the room is decorated very brightly or elegantly, then monochrome curtains of neutral color will balance the “active” wallpaper, carpet, decor and toys.
  • If you want to design the design of a child “for growth”, for example, with the expectation of an approaching adolescence.

8. Choose easy-care fabrics

  • To curtains easily washed, not shed in the sun and did not shrink, then it is worth giving preference to products made of mixed fabrics.
  • If you want to choose completely natural fabrics (from linen, cotton, cotton, etc.), then keep in mind that after washing they will “sit down” and decrease by 10-20 cm. Consider this when calculating the length and width of the curtains.
  • Lightweight fabrics are much easier to wash and iron.

9. Discard the heavy cornices

Remember that heavy rods with massive or sharp tips represent a potential danger to the child. Ideally, curtains should be hung on a plastic ceiling cornice or a metal bar with a small diameter. However, the main thing is to choose reliable brackets and fix them well.

10. The most practical curtains – short

Roman, roll, curtains, cafes, short curtains will be more convenient for the child in operation, and for you – in washing. Complex combinations of several fabrics, with drapes and lambrequins will collect dust and complicate cleaning.

However, if desired, you can make and simple combinations: Roman curtains + curtains or + curtains (pictured).


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