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Ideas of a Children’s Room for a Boy


The design of the children’s room for the boy depends on his age, hobbies and abilities. A child’s hobby should be your main assistant in creating an interior: warm up interest in pursuits that they have remained for life. A boy who has his own laboratory is more likely to become a chemist, biologist or other scientist than someone who has a Swedish wall.

In the room there should be places for sleep, for study, for games or hobbies. Color, light, wallpaper pattern can be selected together with the child. If the room is small, think about multifunctional furniture: for example, a cabinet + table or bed + table + cabinet.

Lighting should be given special attention: individual lamps should be located in all places where the child can read or engage in creativity. Including, above the bed.

More ideas and useful pieces of furniture – in the projects of our catalog. Study them carefully to assemble the perfect interior.

On how to buy the project, see in the section.

The child grows up and in his life comes a special, difficult and interesting period – the school. It is on how parents can organize a modern room for the student, will depend on his academic progress and interest every day to learn something new.

The main difference between an ordinary children’s room and a modern student’s room is the presence of a full-fledged desktop. The performance of school homework requires a fairly long time for the student at the desk, so it should not only be beautiful, but also practical and convenient.

Also, with special attention should be paid to the arrangement of the territory for recreation. After a hard day at school and doing all the prescribed lessons, the student simply needs to change the field of activity and do his favorite thing.

Choosing color solutions for a modern student room, it is worthwhile to preview the photos of already finished projects. Perhaps you can get useful information for yourself, or your schoolboy himself will show what he would like to see in his room.

Advice! For a comfortable stay of a schoolboy in his room and successful perception of new information, his personal space should be decorated in neutral natural shades, with bright, colored accents.

How correctly to divide a schoolboy’s room into zones

To schoolchild could concentrate on the performance of school assignments, and his attention was not dissipated to extraneous objects, special attention should be paid to the division of the space of a modern room into zones. For a student who has only recently played with toys, it is difficult to immediately switch to daily activities. Proper zoning should help him overcome this barrier.

Rest Territory

Parents should understand that the key to successful study is not cramming and debilitating activities, but the opportunity to have a good rest after school and restore your physical and mental potential. In any modern school room should be a comfortable bed. Modern children are very fond of beds with lofts. On the top shelf you can arrange a place for rest, and under it – a game and work area.

Advice! When choosing a two-tier structure, be sure to mount local additional lighting on each level.

Territory for classes

A modern student simply needs a computer desk, a comfortable chair, and many drawers and shelves for storing school supplies. For the zone where the schoolchild will prepare lessons, you should take a fairly large area with good natural lighting. Thus it is necessary to consider, in order to preserve the vision of the schoolboy, the light from the eye or table lamp should fall only on the left side.

Attention ! It is desirable that the doors to the room are not located behind the back, sitting at the schoolboy’s table. This arrangement makes you constantly in a state of anxiety and fear.

The modern system of teaching closely resembles the work on the computer. Therefore, it will be expedient to immediately purchase a computer table, beyond which the student will not only be comfortable with mastering a computer literacy, but also prepare tasks in other subjects.

The size of the countertop should allow not only to place a monitor on it, but also a book, an open notebook and other school accessories.

Important ! Sitting at the table, the schoolboy’s elbows should not hang. His posture should be natural and comfortable.

Be sure to have a desk lamp on your desktop. This is the only way to achieve correct illumination of the working surface.

When equipping a work area in a modern schoolchild’s room, plan in advance a sufficient number of shelves and bookcases. With each school year, their number will only increase, so it is more practical to think in advance of the place for their placement.

Advice! To place storage is best near the desktop so that you can get any necessary literature without interrupting the workflow.

A chair for a schoolboy is a very important element. Since the child will spend on him most of his time, for the preparation of lessons. The chair should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable and conform to the basic parameters. The chair should fit the student’s height and weight. A good option is a school chair, in which the height, the backrest inclination, the depth of the seat can be adjusted to the individual parameters of the schoolboy.

Territory for games

Your child went to school – this is a certain stage of growing a person. But this fact does not mean that it’s worth forgetting about toys and active games. Do not need to clean up the schoolchild’s favorite things in the far corner, focusing his attention only on class. The student must have time to play. The main thing is to skillfully alternate them with time to prepare for school.

As your son or daughter moves from class to class, they will ask you to remove unnecessary toys or give them to other children. To replace the dolls and cars come a TV and a stereo system. All this is natural, but it is not necessary to indulge any desires of the child, because they simply can be unreasonable. As a rule, while the student does not enter the high school age, he does not realize very well what he really needs.

Only when your child crosses the age of 13-14 years, with him, you can calmly discuss how to properly equip him with a rest area. Already an almost adult child can easily determine their desires, and parents can reach a compromise with the student in their implementation.

Storage area

The older the student becomes, the more things he has. And they, of course, need to be stored somewhere. In addition to the usual everyday, elegant and sportswear, a schoolboy will need a school uniform. A capacious closet – compartment will help to solve the problem of storing all this wardrobe in order. There you can also equip several large shelves for shoes and other necessary items and things for your child.

If the area of ​​the room allows, instead of one large cabinet, you can place a few small ones, and each of them will adapt for certain types of things.

A modern room for a schoolboy boy

Very often, parents do not know how to properly decorate a modern room for a son – a schoolboy. After all, you want to combine a lot of parameters: practicality, functionality, beauty.

Considering options from the Internet, you can identify several main areas:

  • interior in a marine style. All shades of blue and green are used. Complemented with marine accessories, globes, maps, will help create not only a very interesting interior for the boy, but also encourage him to explore new countries and territories;
  • natural subjects in the interior. In this case, all shades of natural natural colors are used. Very interesting will be the use of posters depicting animals and natural landscapes. And, of course, the presence of a large aquarium can be the highlight of such a room;
  • modern room in a sports style. Boys – this is the first very lovers of sports. And it does not matter whether your son is fond of boxing, football or punishes. Place in the student’s room photos of sports idols, attach the flag of your favorite team to the wall, and your son will be just happy. If he has personal achievements in the sport, be sure to equip a corner of personal fame and honor, where medals, cups and charters will be displayed.

Safety in a modern children’s room

Despite the fact that the schoolboy begins to grow up, do not forget that in the first place he is still a child. Avoid placing furniture with sharp corners, mount the plugs into the sockets. When choosing lamps, give preference to those in which there are no glass parts. When choosing textiles for windows, do not make it up to the floor, stepping on it with your foot, the child can fall not only tulle, but also the cornice. Be sure to install the handles with locks on the windows, and in the opposite door, the handle is better to insert without a lock. Any source of heat shields the protective panels.


By equipping a modern room for the student, the most important thing is to take into account the wishes of the student himself. He is already old enough to clearly voice his desires and dreams. Only by joining forces, it is possible to achieve an excellent result, in the form of a convenient, practical, safe and very interesting design room.

In the next video, you will additionally learn about some features of arranging a modern student room

The children’s room is an original space. Its interior is constantly transformed and is conditioned by the fact that its owner is constantly growing, which means that his tastes and requests also change. So what should be the design of a children’s room for a boy in different periods of his life? Let’s try to prioritize.

Sleeping area

In the design of a children’s room for boys 12 or more years, a full-scale sleeper should appear. Since this is the place of sleep for the emerging organism, it is worth paying attention to when choosing its model, the quality of the mattress. It is desirable that the latter had an orthopedic function.

For a berth you need an orthopedic mattress

Work zone

The corner with the table should not give birth to sadness when looking at it. This does not mean that it should be actively decorated. All available in this area for the design of the children’s room design for the student should be set up for work. The only liberty that can be allowed here is a small color and molded variety of accessories. Discharges the situation organizer in a neon solution or a stand under a book of unusual shape. In this part, placement of the pride of the guy is acceptable. On the shelves you can put cups, and on the walls to attach photos of successful life moments.

Working area in the boy’s room

Personal space

The personal zone in the design of the room for the boy 12 is already mandatory. She will allow the child to find solitude. Her role will perfectly fulfill the chair-pear, put for a bookcase or a mobile screen. There, the teenager will be comfortable comprehending their experiences, in which there is no shortage in such years.

Corner for relaxation

Storage Area

In the design of the children’s room for the boy, the storage system should in any case be better closed. Children do not particularly like to clean up, so let the temporary mess better be hidden behind the deaf furniture facades. This will not give rise to the habit of making trouble. Over time, the child learns to keep everything in order. Yes, and things, the children are noticeably less than girls, so that the presence of cabinets is often questioned. In general, the interior of the room for boys should not be overloaded with furniture. The more space there, the more comfortable the owners feel. If you want to fill the void, they will find how to do it.

Storage system in the boy’s room


For design of a children’s room for a boy of 12 years and older, design projects are selected individually. The most interesting for teenagers are interiors in minimalist solutions, decorated in the spirit of loft or grunge.

Design-project room for a boy in the loft style

Modern design of the room for the boy

The stylistics of the room design for a schoolboy can be combined. The residual fluctuations between childhood and maturity are sure to be reflected in the surrounding environment. Choosing a rather strict style, teenagers generously savor his bright decor.


Teenagers are terribly afraid to seem sentimental. The worst thing for them, when in the design of a children’s room for boys suddenly, in their opinion, girls’ shades are used. They see their territory exclusively in black and gray colors, which frightens parents terribly. Try to experiment. There are many projects for the design of a children’s room for a schoolboy, where the interiors in gray solutions are light and stylish. The teenager is not difficult to persuade the combined design options, where to the gray, in the room for the boy, orange, pale greens or mustard-yellow paints join.

The design of a room for a boy in gray color


Boys in adolescence tend to surround themselves with various attributes, capable of telling about their hobbies. Thus, children assert themselves, they get an opportunity to feel confident. Without interfering with the son’s self-expression, parents allow him to learn responsibility and open up a new level of independence for him. The design of a room for a boy may not turn out to be the most usual, but this can be experienced, given that these experiments are the first attempts to find one’s own uniqueness. The presence of an abundance of posters and a constant change of priorities can lead to spoilage of the main decoration of the walls. To avoid this, it is recommended to add special curbs to the interior of the children’s room for boys. They are cut from sheet plywood and decorated with a decorative sticker. Such elements will be an excellent basis for posters, replacement of which will now proceed painlessly for the overall design.

Borders for notes and photos will decorate the working area

Window decoration

In the design of the room for a boy of 12 or more years, a special place should be occupied by window decoration. It is better to decorate with monochrome curtains in neutral colors. This will save you from changing all interior accessories with the next change in children’s interests.

Neutral curtains are ideal for a boy’s room


“In the interior of the room for boys, minimalism is most often realized”

Adolescents, in their majority, adherents of asceticism in the setting. This is due to a subconscious unwillingness to take care of their shelter for a long time. In the interior of the room for boys the minimalism is most often realized. Not cluttered space gives rise to a sense of freedom, to which so much children aspire at this age.

Boys prefer minimalism in the interior

What should attract attention? First of all, the materials used to manufacture furniture elements. Minimalist furniture is characterized by an abundance of metal. In other cases, the room for the boy can be left as a derivative of the tree.

Pros and cons

The tree for the design of the children’s room for the boy is more practical. Even with accidental damage to facade surfaces and the appearance of scratches on them, the problem can easily be eliminated. The former beauty will be restored with the help of paints and varnish.

Metal is also characterized by increased strength. It does not burn. Designed for continuous operation. There is no need for specific care, for example, treatment with polishing compounds. The metal structures used to design the room for the boy can be cleaned regularly. They do not hurt at all.

Metal furniture can be cleaned regularly

The disadvantages of both options are purely symbolic. Wooden modules are difficult to assemble. Metal furniture items are heavy and have a cold surface.

What is better to use in the design of a children’s room for a boy is difficult to say. Both solutions can be incredibly good. The owner of the apartment will help to solve the dilemma, the main thing is not to forget about it to ask about it.

Technics in the nursery

The modern design of the children’s room for the boy is impossible without the presence of technology. What can be added to the situation? A small computer is bundled with a small TV or just a laptop, in which both functions will be combined. Music centers, home theaters, dimensional plasmas in the room for boys, even older, do nothing.

Ideas of a children's room for a boy

Placement of equipment in the interior of the room

Design of a children’s room for a schoolboy

How to change the room for a boy who reached school age, depends not so much on the layout and size of the room, although this is also an important aspect. In the first place children’s preferences and interests will come out. However, the requirements for the design of the interior of the room for the boy, will change little. Everything that falls into it must still have high environmental friendliness, be safe. The colors of the finish remain cheerful.

The project of the student’s room

This does not mean that it is necessary to turn the situation in a room for a boy in a tent – in everything there should be a measure. To recreate the ideal microclimate for the harmonious development of the child in this difficult period of life, it will be useful to listen to the recommendations of specialists.

Designing a children’s room for a first-year boy

“In the design of the children’s room for the schoolchild, psychologists recommend giving preference to green, peach, yellow, blue flowers”

At this stage, a full-fledged training zone appears in the nursery. In this corner there is a table-desk and a chair. To furnish it stands with an eye to the future. As the child continues to grow, and his schooling has only just begun, pragmatic parents try to furnish a corner with adjustable objects. To create extra comfort when working at the table will help the chair with an orthopedic-type backrest and having adjustable armrests.

For work area, select furniture with height adjustment

It is important to choose the right place for the installation of the study table in the schoolchildren’s room. It is desirable, that for him there was a place at the window. Move it to the light source so that the light on the table top falls on the left side. To work in the evening hours you need a table lamp. It is also placed on the left. In the design of the children’s room for the boy it is important to properly organize the learning space, and here it is impossible to do without shelves, curbstones, boxes. In their bowels you can place a lot of school accessories.

The table lamp is located on the left side of the table

In the design of a children’s room for a schoolchild, psychologists recommend giving preference to green, peach, yellow, and blue flowers. They stimulate the desire to learn, help children concentrate. Despite the fact that the kid went to school, he never said goodbye to his childhood. He will also have a desire to draw a lot of other creative work. In order for a child to be able to hang his masterpieces, it is desirable to equip the training area in the room for the boy with a magnetic board.

Green helps children focus

Do not hurry to give up the first-grader and from your favorite games, so the playing area in the room is preserved.

The recreation area is equipped with a tanformable bed, ideally with an orthopedic sleeping place, which will be covered with bedding made of natural materials.

Selection of the playing area in the room

Provided that in the reorganization of the nursery for the first-grader were purchased adjustable table and chair, without re-registration of the interior of the room can be held for another couple of years, then the child will change interests, and the furniture itself will be small. Here it will be necessary to listen to how the design of the children’s room for the boy is seen after the next modernization of the space, and try to find a compromise solution for the realization of children’s requests.

The fact that it is necessary to expand the training zone is undoubtedly. The baby has already had more school subjects, and accordingly there was added literature, notebooks, etc. There will be a need to use a personal computer, which also will have to look for a good place to install in the room for the boy. Expand the workspace will have to by cutting the zone for games.

Children for primary school age

The best furniture for such a child will be modular construction. They are easily transformed and moved, so that if necessary, you can at least every day to diversify the situation. Typical for the design of the room for the student is corner furniture. With its help it will be possible to keep scarce meters.

Corner furniture will free up extra space in the room

Children’s high school student

“To fit into the interior of a room for a boy, a particular style can not be particularly tried”

It’s already wrong to call a high school student a child. This is a fully formed person with his worldview and vision of the environment. With this must necessarily be considered. During this period, the concept of the design of the children’s room for the boy will be radically changed. The son will certainly try to manifest himself as an individual, and in this the child must certainly be supported, however, with the mind, while maintaining the principle of the zoning of space.

Zoning space in a high school room

Change of furniture in the room for the boy is inevitable, and it makes no sense to resist this. The main thing to take into account is that the children’s room, which was the whole world for the once tiny boy, now became cramped for him, so pick up multifunctional items in the interior of the children’s room for the schoolchild. Anything useful in boyish life can easily be stacked on open shelves or stored in racks. By the way, the latter, by the way, can become a part of zoning. Being set in the middle of the room, they will perfectly separate the recreation area from the training or reception area. To place clothes, you can install a wardrobe, but on condition that the area allows you to organize a mini-dressing room in general.

Modern room for a boy

To cram into the interior of the room for the boy a particular style can not be particularly tried. The child himself perfectly decorates his space, because he still lives in his teenage world, whose motto is full of self-expression. It will be enough to decorate the room for a teenage boy with really high-quality youth furniture, then the guy will have the opportunity to realize his fantasies in full.

How to decorate a children’s two boys

The presence of two boys in the family significantly complicates the task of arranging a nursery for them. It’s good if they are pontic or even twins. Here you can simply double the amount of personal items. Very different tasks arise for the parents of children with a large age difference. Here we must meet the needs of both, and do so in a way that does not infringe on anyone’s interests in the design of a children’s room for boys. Let’s try to figure out what and at what stage is indispensable in childhood.

1. The newborn will have enough cots and places for swaddling. This can be a full table or a transformable (pull-out) panel, included in the design of the same crib, for example.

2. After a year in the interior of the room for boys will need to organize a place where you can play active games.

3. Boys from 3 to 5 are already interested in sports corners.

4. When you design a children’s room for boys first-graders, you can not do without a well-organized workplace.

5. The dream of a senior pupil – a corner in which you can, on occasion, not only hide from the world, but also to receive friends.

Interior of the room for two boys

Sea theme in the boy’s room

To win-win moves in the design of the children’s room for boys should be attributed the appearance:

  • submarines;
  • sailing ships;
  • sailors’ quarters;
  • comfortable cabins;
  • pirate attributes.

A room for boys in a marine style

Children in such a performance will delight the boys, adoring adventures and raving sea trips. The leading color in the environment is blue, in all its spectral diversity.


  • scale map;
  • a large globe;
  • ropes;
  • clock in the design of the wheel;
  • the mass of all possible flags;
  • chest with toys.

Accessories emphasize the marine theme of the room

Nature and Travel

Themes are the easiest to implement in the design of a children’s room for boys, as the vastness of the topic will allow one hundred percent to choose the perfect combination of decorative elements that satisfy both children.

The background color in the design of the room for boys of a natural orientation will be neutral. In favor, shades of beige, green, blue, yellow.

A room for two boys

From the accessories in the room for the schoolboy and his younger brother, use vivid photos with scenes from the life of animals, aquariums, large houseplants, ideally the genus of palm trees.

Children’s Techno-Directionality

It is easy to arrange an original and entertaining interior in the children’s room for boys interested in: cars, airplanes, trains, tanks, space shuttles and other moving equipment. They will definitely like sleeping places, interpreted as locomotives, cars, etc.

Techno-style in the interior of the room

In terms of general background design, there are no special wishes. In the interior of the room for boys can appear any cute shades.

Accessories: bright posts, self-assembled models of technology, large toys.

Children’s sports style

Children who are keen on sports can reasonably surround the stimulating to taking tops and making records.

The color solution is red and white.

Accessories: a full-fledged sports corner with stairs, rings, rope and boxing pear, posted in the frames of achievement (diplomas, letters), posters depicting idols.

Red and white room in a sports style

The rules of redistribution of space in the room for boys

Arithmetic here is simple: the older the boy, the more functionally his part of the territory should be framed. This is not a reason to limit the personal space of a one-year-old baby, although his requests are much lower. If children have common gaming interests, then equip them with a single game zone. You can not share furniture for clothes. If it is planned to change the design of a children’s room for a schoolboy 12 and a boy of deep preschool age, it is still correct to divide the available space equally.

Distribution of space in a room for two children

Personal space for everyone

Making a children’s room for boys is not an easy task. Here you need to take into account a lot of nuances, in particular, do not forget to give each child a purely personal corner. It is not necessary to hope that at the moment the brothers are completely absorbed in each other. It will take literally a couple of years and they just need privacy. Their interests can radically disperse and at the time when one will listen to rock with rapture, the other can watch a comedy. Do not interfere with each other, do your favorite thing, children can only go to their personal part of the room.

Organize a personal space for each child

For the division of the territory in the design of the interior, the rooms for boys are recommended to use not only light partitions, mobile screens and curtains, but also more radical gypsum plaster structures or pieces of furniture.

Division of the room space with a partition

Features of the design of space

The chosen design of the children’s room for boys should display the children’s characters and take into account their habits. If this is a room for real dirty heads, then it should not be loaded with unnecessary details. In the interior of the room for boys, it is better to give up volumetric decor in the form of stucco molding, large decorative compositions, etc.

Do not overload room space with decorative details

Regardless of the age of the children, care should be taken so that the situation does not turn out to be injurious, and the furnishings and furniture are not threatened by health. The optimal materials for decorating walls are dense wallpaper or eco-colors. On the floor it is necessary to put a parquet or to lay a laminate. Tiles are not only that can be slippery, but also quite cold. Do not use in the nursery and carpet. It accumulates too much dust.

How to save space in the nursery

“It is justified to design a children’s room for a boy of 12+ years and multi-storey furniture”

The fact that in the design of the children’s room for the student should be quite spacious, this is an axiom. A full-fledged playing space, in a room for boys, is necessary not only for babies. Boys and in their teens do not mind spending time actively. Perhaps, it will not be expressed in running and ornate racing, but in something more solid, for example, in the break-dance business, but nevertheless. Do you remember how much everything needs to be squeezed into the interior of the room for boys? And what if the child is very small?

Use compact furniture. Remove unnecessary details of the situation. Instead of a sofa, you can arrange puffs for gatherings.

Compact furniture will save space

In the design of the children’s room for the boy, all items must be functional. The sleeping place is equipped with linen drawers. There are interesting design projects for a room for a boy, where a bed for a day is generally hidden in a niche.

Justified the design of a children’s room for a boy 12+ years old and stacked furniture. Excellent bed-loft solution. At the bottom of this design a very comfortable workplace is arranged. In children for two inmates, you can often see bunk beds and not only. In this design room for students there are also angular or other designs of double tables.

Bed-loft in the room of the boy

Cabinets should preferably be narrow. They will not lose in spaciousness, if they are high enough.

The development of the design of the children’s room for the boy 12+ should be carried out taking into account all the planning nuances. If the room has such luxury as a wide window sill, give it to the recreation area, building on it a kind of mini-sofa, on which it is so convenient to flip comics.

Arranging a sofa on a windowsill


When it comes to updating the design of the room for a boy, especially adolescence, adults should leave their dreams to themselves, because they are theirs, not as children’s. All that can be afforded is to try to help the child pick up a good design of the finish. In all other respects, let the boy express his own vision of the room decor – often turns out pretty cute!

Photo gallery – a room for a boy

Even adults, with their settled tastes and habits, need a change of scenery from time to time, what can we talk about children, especially about boys. Interior design of their rooms is a difficult task – the room should change with the child, which means that every three to four years the children expect great changes. A few to reduce the cost of reconstruction will help to choose the right furniture.

The main piece of furniture in the nursery, of course, is the bed – it takes up most of the space and is often the most expensive piece of the interior. Necessity in it arises already in three years, when the baby grows out of a cot. Its main characteristics, along with an attractive appearance, should be safety and durability. Given the small size of the rooms that we provide to our children, the option of a retractable bed is quite relevant. It will help to reduce the number of cabinets in the room a multifunctional sleeping place – an armchair or a sofa bed, or an angular sofa. A bunk bed will be in demand by families raising two boys. (you should first just ask if they like this option).

Children from five to six years absolutely need a workplace – a desk or desk, and here preference can be given to models with changing sizes, increasing with the growing child.

The need for a large number of wall cabinets and shelves is dictated by the many personal belongings of your offspring. The sorcery will be easier to accustom to the order, if each of his toys or a piece of clothing will have a certain place.

The general requirement for furniture in the room of the future of men should be the requirement of safety. The absence of sharp corners and the stability of the furnishings of the room, will protect your children from injuries.

Choose a color for a child’s room for a boy

Colors in the decoration of their rooms can be used any (except, perhaps, the generally recognized girl’s colors – pink and purple). A good option may be a combination of neutral (beige, white or gray) and one – two matching pure colors (red, blue, yellow, green). The use of wallpaper with drawings (cartoon characters or animals) – not the best move – interest in such pictures quickly fades away, it is much more practical to use pictures or posters, which will not be difficult to change.

In conclusion, I would like to note that fashionable children’s themes today reflect the ambitions of parents rather than the choice of a child. It is much more practical to use in the design several accessories that give the room the atmosphere of the interests of your son at the moment.

The school period is special in the life of children. From how rationally, competently and enthrallingly the schoolchildren’s room will be organized, what design the parents will choose for the baby, depends on his attitude to learning and school successes.

The main difference between the baby’s room and the first-grader’s room is in the presence of a desk. After all, now the child has to do his homework. It is also important to provide a recreation area so that the children’s room for the schoolchild does not turn into a classroom, but creates the conditions for practicing your favorite activities.

  • Good lighting. If possible, it is better to place the boy’s desk near the window or arrange additional light sources so that the child’s vision does not suffer from constant loads.
  • Use zoning. This will help the most rational use of the entire area of ​​the student’s children’s room.
  • should be comfortable, high-quality, functional and selected for the growth of the child. For the period of study at school, children grow on average by 50-60 cm, furniture should “grow” with them. As the child grows, buy new furniture for him or choose models – transformers.

The advice of a psychologist: when doing homework, the child should not sit at the desk with his back to the door. Children are afraid of sudden appearance of adults, feel uncomfortable and can not concentrate on a specific task.

  • The color scale has a special effect on the emotional state of the baby. If parents choose the right colors for the design of the first-grade room, the child will feel the harmony and pleasure to learn. Otherwise, the interior of the student’s room will only cause fatigue.

The design of the room for the boy should be laconic, not overloaded with extra items of interior. After all, boys are more mobile and restless girls, so they need more space for entertainment. To give the child a place for active games it is possible with the help of multipurpose furniture. An excellent solution will be a chair-bed. Today, designs with a folding table top are very popular.

Children in the style of minimalism can be made brighter with the help of decor

We choose harmonious colors for children’s

Each color has its positive qualities and negative. Choosing this or that shade, be sure to take into account the wishes of the boy.

  • Yellow. Promotes visual perception, raises the mood, but in excess can provoke problems with sleep.
  • White. The color of energy, but in large quantities, causes a feeling of discouragement.
  • Red. Activates, but prevents sleep.
  • Blue. Relaxes, soothes, but the predominance of this color in the boy’s room can provoke a depressed state.
  • Green. Promotes mental work, but in large quantities distracts.
  • Gray. Relaxes, but can cause indecision.
  • Blue. Develops mental abilities, but can cause feelings of depression.
  • Brown. Color protection, concentration. However, the design of the first-grade room completely in brown tones can provoke depression.

Picking up the color range, be sure to look at the photos, which are presented with the options for design of children’s rooms for schoolchildren. This will surely help you and your baby to make the best choice.

The advice of a psychologist: the best and most comfortable for perception and psyche of the boy are calm soft shades, and bright tones can be used as accents.

How correctly to divide a schoolboy’s room into zones

Competent and rational division of the space of the children’s room of the schoolboy will allow to focus the attention of the child on a particular occupation. During the performance of the homework, his attention will not be dissipated to other subjects, which is especially important for a child who has recently enjoyed toys and entertainment, and today sat down at a desk.

  • Rest area – sleep all over the head

Parents should in no way forget that the basis for successful study is not books, but a full-fledged healthy sleep. The design of any room in the first class requires a comfortable bed. Today, the most popular beds are lofts. Under the bed, you can organize a game zone or a work area.

Note: if you install a desk under the bed, you need to think over additional lighting for this area.

  • Study area – study is always at a premium

Experts recommend to allocate and place it in the boy’s room before the child goes to school. Here you can organize shelves for books, hang training pictures on the wall, and add developing games to the box. At first, a first-grader will probably need help from parents in preparing lessons. For this, there must be additional chairs in the room.

Tip: while the child is small enough, he does not need a computer. Excess technology only distracts the baby from classes.

  • Zone for games – business time, and fun hour

In this part of the schoolchild’s children’s room, you can collect all your favorite child’s games: puzzles, a designer, sets for creativity, put a table for drawing or modeling. If the area allows, you can organize a sports corner with a Swedish wall or a punching bag.

In order for a child to feel the changes in his life, it is necessary to make the center of the room just the training zone, decorate the walls with new, more adult posters, and also necessarily remove toys that are no longer interesting to the grown up kid.

  • Storage area – all in places!

During the study period, the child has a lot of office supplies, textbooks and exercise books, clothes and shoes. All personal belongings must be stored somewhere. The best solution is to purchase a roomy functional cabinet. You can also buy one wardrobe and small shelves for school supplies. For storage of children’s things you can use a chest of drawers, a box under the bed, a desk desk.

When arranging a nursery for a schoolboy, very interesting and practical ideas for the room will come in handy.

Thematic design of the room for the schoolboy boy

Many parents do not know which room design to choose for a first-grade boy. After all, I want the premise to be functional, to promote my studies, and at the same time I could rest here. On the photo you can choose a variety of design options for a first-class room, however, the most optimal topics are:

Design in a marine style. This design of the boy’s room assumes the use of any shades of blue and green. You can diversify the room with a globe, a chest, a flag, a helm. A geographic map on the wall will not only decorate the room, but will also stimulate the acquisition of new knowledge. Numerous photos of finished interiors will help to place furniture and decor elements in the room as comfortably as possible.

Design in a natural style. Children’s room of a schoolboy in a natural theme is made out in yellow, blue, beige, green tones. As a decoration used pictures or photos with representatives of the flora and fauna. An excellent idea for the interior will be an aquarium, which will certainly help the baby become more disciplined and caring.

If the boy’s hobbies are related to sports, the best design in a sports style. The main colors of the room can be white and red or the colors of a favorite club. In the play area, you can organize a sports corner, attach photos of sports idols to the walls. It is obligatory to allocate space in the room for a place for children’s letters and medals.

Ideas for arranging an interior for two students

Registration of schoolchildren should be aimed at providing each child with a comfortable working and sleeping place.

If the room is small, then an excellent option for saving space is a bunk bed or a set with a pull-out or roll-out bed. But such furniture is suitable only for those children who are very friendly with each other. can also be general. But with the help of design ideas, even in a small room, you can organize a separate study space for two children. The doors of the common cupboard can be decorated in different colors chosen by the children. Each of the two boys will have their own shelves, for the order in which they will be responsible.

If the area of ​​the room allows, it is better to put two separate beds and two writing desks. In this case, the space for two children can be divided by partitions or a screen to give each one his personal corner. At the same time, there must be balance in everything, the layout of the room should not divide the children, but divide its area evenly. It is very important that in each of the two isolated places there is a sufficient level of illumination and natural light distributed evenly around the room.

Since thematic decoration in a room for two children with different hobbies is impossible, then in the basic interior, ideas with accessories will help to emphasize their interests. Invite the boys to decorate each of their doors from the common cabinet with stickers to their liking. At the head of the bed you can hang a photo on your favorite subject or make a small shelf for storing collections nearby. Let everyone have their own lamp, which they will choose themselves. Textiles will also emphasize the individuality of the child.


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