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Bohemian Style Entryway Design Ideas


Bohemian or boho style decoration is very popular in these days. We can see it everywhere – in outfits, in event themes, in home decor. The entrance road is the first area of the house seen through the door. Therefore, it is a remarkable area where you can make a first impression about your home. If you like bohemian style entryway, the following furniture and decoration ideas may be useful for you.

Boho Style Furniture and Decoration Items

Furniture is important for bohemian entryway decoration, and even if your entryway is small, you’ll need some: a console, a bench, an ottoman, some racks and shelves. If you can’t accommodate them all, think of what is necessary for you: a bench, a shoe rack, a console or an ottoman. For a boho feel, go for rattan and wooden furniture, for woven seats – of leather or yarn for a catchy look. As for mirrors, go for wooden frames and woven ones, too, and I recommend round frames and oversized mirrors to make a statement.

A bohemian style entryway with a woven bench, a woven basket, a mirror with fringe and a potted plant
A boho chic entry with an upholstered bench, a couple of hats, cacti in pots and a leather pillow
A boho style rug, a console, a stool, a mirror, plants and a cactus and some folk decor items
A Neutral And Simple Bohemian Entryway With A Simple Wooden Bench, A Metal Basket, An Artwork, A Cascading Plant And A Vintage Camera
A Simple Boho Entry With Wooden Bench With Metal Legs With Drawes, Pillows, A Mirror And A Palm Tree İn A Basket Planter
A Warm And Chic Bohemian Entryway With Wooden Bench, A Wood Framed Mirror, Potted Succulents And Tropical Leaves
A Boho Entryway With A Wood And Metal Bench, Woven And Fringe Pillows, An Arrangement Of Plates And Some Branches
A Bohemian Style Entryway With A Large-Scale Mirror, A Walnut Mid-Century-Style Bench, A Washed-Out Traditional Rug And Tall Greenery
A Boho Entry With A Wicker Chair With Metal Legs, A Round Decorative Wall Mirror, A Vee Striped Pillow, Fleece Washable Rug And Cacti İn Pots
A Simple And Boho Chic Style Entry With An Olive-Drab Console With Metal Legs, Wood Frame, Candle Jar, Seasonal Flowers İn Vase And Woven Rug
A Boho Style Entryway With A Vintage Encrusted Console, Round Mirror With Metal Frame, Green Plants İn Flowerpot Or Vase, Wicker Basket, Tumbled Rug
A Boho Style Entryway With A Vintage Encrusted Console, A Woven Bench, Pillows, Artworks And Succulents
A Bohemian Entryway With A Rug, A Wood And Metal Bench, A Rattan Chair With Faux Fur, A Metal Basket
A Boho Hallway With Simple Wooden Bench, A Woven Rug, Cacti İn Pots, A Candle Lantern And Some Wicker Hats And Bags
A Bohemian Entryway With Rough Wood Console, A Round Mirror, A Faux Fur Stool And Tropical Leaves In Vase
A Bohemian Entryway With Wicker Baskets, Lampshades In Natural Color, A Wooden Console And Round A Mirror With Wooden Frame
A Boho Chic Entry With Circle Mirror With Wide Wooden Frame, Wooden Bench With Metal Legs, Cosy Pillows And Rug, Wicker Basket And Plant
A Boho Entryway With Simple Wooden Bench, A Metal Basket, An Artwork, A Cascading Plant And A Vintage Camera
A Boho Chic Entryway With A Modern Console And Bohemian Accents
A Black Bench, Printed Folksy Pillows, Potted Plants, And A Mini Gallery Wall Compose
A Boho Chic Entry With A Boho Rug, A Dark Stained Wooden Bench, Potted Cacti, Printed Pillows
A Boho Desert Entryway With Rattan Furniture And Mirror İn A Frame, A Dried Palm Leaf, Baskets For Storage, A Cactus Artwork
A Boho Hallway With A Small Wooden Bench, Potted Cacti And Succulents, A Gallery Wall, A Boho Rug And Faux Fur
A Colorful Entryway With A White Bench, A Colorful Boho Rug, Potted Plants, A Black Printed Pillow And Baskets For Storage
A Cozy Boho Entry With A Wooden Bench, A Leather Bag For Storage, Boho Pillows, A Framed Window-Like Mirror, A Boho Rug And A Wicker Hanging Chair
A Monochromatic Boho Entryway With A White Shoe Shelf, A Printed Rug, A Black Rack, A Woven Chair And Potted Plants
A Neutral Boho Entry With Mirrors, A Wicker Lampshade, A Hairpin Leg Bench, A Boho Rug And Hars And Bags That Add Style
A Whimsical White Washed Boho Entryway With Macrame Hangings, Potted Cacti, A Decorative Plate With Grass, A Console And Some Catchy Stools And A Boho Rug
A Whimsy Boho Entryway With Decorative Plates, A Vintage Console And Potted Greenery Plus Wicker Touches
A Bright Boho Hallway With A Wooden Bench Boho Fringe Pillows A Basket For Storage And A Gallery Wall With Artworks Hangings And Potted Plants



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