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You may have seen Himalayan salt lamps in homes and offices glowing with beautiful light orange and pink hues but you may not know how amazing these lamps are for your wellbeing. Yes, you read it right, these lamps are not just beautiful decoration pieces but also have so many health and wellness attributes attached to them. So if you want to live in a peaceful and serene environment then you just need to get your hands on these incredible Himalayan salt lamps.

Basically, these lamps are big chunks of Himalayan salt which are hand carved into different shapes and sizes with a bulb fitted inside them. Himalayan salt is said to be the purest, mineral-rich salt which makes these lamps totally different from other ordinary lamps. You can get different kinds of Himalayan salt lamps in bulk from Ittefaq Salt-one of the largest Himalayan salt suppliers. Let’s explore more about the versatility and benefits of these lamps in this article.

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An Ideal Décor Item

These all natural salt lamps are ideal for décor of any place. Due to their health and wellness properties, these lamps create a tranquil and soothing environment and enhance the whole decor.

These are ideal to change the overall look of your home and office in no time. You can place them anywhere in your home and office to get most of their benefits and enjoy their warm glow and beauty.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Neutralize the Air

The best way to get exposure to negative ions is by spending some time around a waterfall or sea, but you can get a small amount of negative ions at home by placing salt lamps near you.

The negative ions released by salt lamps neutralize the effect of harmful positive ions which are mostly produced by electronic devices like computers, TVs and microwave oven around you. These positive ions can cause problems like allergies, stress and sleep trouble. This neutralization process helps to cleanse the air. Additionally, salt lamps give off a very warm and subtle glow that many people find relaxing.

You’ve probably seen them lining the shelves at Whole Foods or your local organic Co-op. Maybe advertisements promoting their wellness benefits have popped up along your browser. The Himalayan Salt Lamp is one of those buzzy items that, in the past year, has taken the wellness industry by storm.

The claims of health benefits are many and varied, ranging from things like air purification to promoting more restful sleep. And if you’re feeling a little skeptical, that’s understandable–many people are! It does appear to be, after all, a large chunk of minerals. While not medically proven, it turns out that these salty lamps can provide some wellness benefits.

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Relieve Respiratory and Skin Problems

Due to negative ion generation and air purification, these lamps help in relieving symptoms of many respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis and also skin infections and seasonal allergies.

Improve Sleep Cycle

Irregular sleep cycle and insufficient sleep leads to bad mood and behavior. In order to have a good night sleep, you may need a salt lamp in your room as it will help in improving irregular sleeping pattern, and eventually your mental state and mood will be in good state naturally.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Interior Design

Relieve Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

These lamps create a soothing and serene atmosphere and are said to enhance mood. These lamps rejuvenate and re-energize your mind and body. Thus help in relieving symptoms of stress, anxiety and daily fatigue. Having one or more heated lamps near you will have a positive effect on your overall mental state.

Meditative and Therapeutic Benefits

Due to their meditative and therapeutic properties, these lamps are widely used in the wellness industry. Salt lamps emit negative ions and make the atmosphere refreshing and energizing. Thus help in meditation. Salt lamps are used in spas for massage and therapeutic purposes. These lamps detoxify the body and help in absorbing negative energy from the body during a massage.

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Carved from a solid piece of mineral-rich (think: magnesium, potassium, and zinc) Himalayan salt, which has that sultry, soft pink hue, these trendy lamps are just that: a big chunk of salt with a light bulb placed inside. Before we even get into the health benefits, just take a look at that beautiful, soothing glow that the lamps emit. Talk about ambiance. We love this one from Urban Luxe, made from hand-chiseled crystal salt in a pyramid shape–a great statement piece for a kitchen or living room.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Interior Design in Shape of Bowl

The number one thing that sellers of the lamps tout, aside from seriously elevated relaxation, is the lamp’s ability to potentially alter the electrical charges of the air circulating in your home because it is a natural ionizer. So, because it may produce beneficial ions, the Himalayan salt lamp may have a similar effect on the air as a waterfall or a storm.

Historically, salt lamps are said to be of great benefit to those dealing with respiratory problems, like allergies or asthma. This theory is largely based in the philosophies surrounding halotherapy, a therapy that suggests people struggling with respiratory challenges spend time in salt caves.

While there isn’t any hard scientific evidence about the effects of these salt lamps on sleep quality just yet, it has been suggested that the soft glow of the pink salt lamps can promote relaxation and stress release toward the end of the day. In the evening before bed, try replacing your electric or fluorescent lights with a salt lamp, allowing your mind to calm down slowly before easing into darkness. This lamp from Abient Salt Company, handmade in the Khewra Salt Mines of Pakistan, is a perfect size and shape for a bedside table, and emits that irresistible, tranquil warm glow.

Zencube Smart Himalayan Salt Lamp

Regardless of whether or not the salt lamp’s health benefits are more than mild, accenting your house’s interior with these stunning statement pieces is sure to bring all sorts of good vibes into your home.


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