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Kitchen Decorative Wall Panels


Wall decoration is responsible for the aesthetics of the kitchen and radically changes the space without special financial investments and large-scale construction activities. How to be a functional space is up to you. Among bright and neutral colors, expensive and budgetary materials, it is acceptable to choose premium-class textures or rely on their imitation. In this case, the color solution will be decisive. Colorful veneer can focus on yourself all the attention and distract your eyes from the modest facades of cabinets. Luxurious furniture on the background of wood or stone, as well as in combinations of textures, always pretends to be exclusive. Basically, average statistical needs are determined by price availability, quality and operational capabilities.

The advantages of the tile and its decorative possibilities are known to everyone. Often enough to change the “apron” – and the space is completely transformed. Today, finishing materials are represented by a rich potential, due to which the task of decoration is solved for “one, two”.

Versatile options

Cute inexpensive PVC panels are a versatile option for the kitchen. With them it is easy to support any direction and provide comfort to the home. Impeccable appearance, easy installation and replacement of a single segment, in case of a problem, determine its priority. So, the kitchen on Scandinavian motives by tradition assumes a natural finish by a tree with dominating participation of a birch. In modern styling, there is enough white background from plastic slats to convey the stylistic authenticity in the neighborhood of the corresponding paraphernalia.

The design in the village style has two alternatives for Kitchen Decorative Panels. This – the use of rails from the category A – ennobled texture of pine and aspen (eurolock) and decorative version (blockhouse). In the first version, you get an eco-friendly design with an accurate reproduction of the provence and eco-style. In the case of using a polymer analogue, the decorative component will not be affected at all. However, there is no need to draw parallels between the natural energy emanating from the tree and the textural photocopy.

Given the color consistency of furniture cases and wall panels from the array, it is probably best to approach the classical design. In a contrast combination of interesting textures and shades, it is realistic to form an outrageous impression. A gray-white compromise is typical for current trends and is directed towards minimalism. Without the participation of the brown scale and its spectral harmony with the background, in the “collective” reflection of surfaces and household appliances, transparent glass dissolving in the light of evening illumination, it is impossible to imagine modern cuisine. A flexible combination scheme allows for segmented color shifts and opposite design. The kitchen will look very different if the graphite panels are replaced with light ones.

Manufacturers offer different versions of facing products. The usual laminated boards from MDF are not so practical due to their hygroscopicity and unreliable protective layer. Therefore, they do not want to trim the area of ​​the “apron” and should prefer a compromise option. Veneered MDF – this is a modified version of decent quality. Of course, this is not a buisere of a single canvas, without which the English classics are unthinkable, but the prestigious look allows achieving high results.

Negative characteristics do not apply to chipboard, in which the thickness of the fixing coating allows active use in the finish. To exclude the possibility of penetration of water in the junction, they are additionally treated with a special compound.

The production of HDF is often called an organolite, which is not entirely true. The technology is based on joining the sheets on an eucalyptus base under a hot press followed by lamination. The consequence of the process is a strong canvas of 4 mm, which is an excellent option for the kitchen. Identical decoration of the “apron” and countertops will give the theme of decoration. The difference in tone or semitone in materialization on the walls looks amazing.

Laminate is successfully used not only as a floor covering. Lamella based on granite of granite with inclusion of vinyl and silver ions (Nano Silver technology), are perfect in quality characteristics and ideal in quality. Dense adhesion does not leave a chance for moisture penetration. The profile edging with metal corners of the ends can correspond with the identical finishing of the corners of the door, which eventually integrates the design. A variant with a fragmentary duplication of the material on furniture is possible. Dark wood and walnut color is impressive with the end result.

On the way to exclusivity

Parades will give light walls and three-dimensional textures. If one uses a smooth and grooved finish in one perimeter, the dominant and peripheral parts will form. Due to the relief pattern in the dining area, it will be possible to create an atypical decor and zonate space. Accompanied by light and attributes, the kitchen will radically change.

Loft-design seeks to demonstrate textural features of building materials. The bare brick wall, next to the plastic panels, became accentuated. The design is based on the symmetry of lines and sharp transitions. The floorboards are laid parallel to both walls and the resulting horizontal perpendicular forms an interesting visual effect. Because of this reception, the side vertical looks remotely.

The panel with a picture is a fashion trend in the home kitchen. Spherical white prints, woven in a certain sequence, create a volume on a green background, making the wall dominant. In a combination of laminated facades with a structural expression of wood, the kitchen looks stylish.

The color, and the vibrations emanating from it, can both stimulate and soothe. Interesting sensations are created by volumetric patterns. It is enough to make one wall picturesque – and the complex design “will sound” differently. In the photo below, the transverse smooth lines are identified with sand dunes or light sea breezes. Sensations are created depending on the chosen theme and color maneuvering. Drawing on the floor in yellow-sand tones, curly arbitrary lines, the color of the azure on the walls and the created entourage, have a tea party on the coast in a summer cafe. If the bright embossed panels are preferred to blue, the atmosphere will be filled with pleasant coolness.

Glass expensive sheets are beyond competition in all respects. They lined the entire perimeter or used in place of the “apron” over the desk. Glass can be transparent and smooth, corrugated and matte. Panels consist of 3 layers – a triplex, hardened by a special technology, which ultimately reliably protects the paint from fading, and the wall – from the aggression of the environment. Under it are glued beautiful wallpaper, textiles, inserted full-length stories, posters, photo frames. Often used the possibilities of photo printing, artistic hand-painted. The transparent surface can be sandblasted. With such a creative, it’s easy to get a unique design.

Stones are increasingly found in decoration. Popular solutions – acrylic plates and a number of artificial imitations. A bright gallery of textures and colors meets any expectations. A light weight, pretty look literally hypnotize the look. In the list of advantages one minus is a high price. In the complete set with a table-top facing looks superb. The seamless joint forms a monolithic surface. If you allow in such a manner to make a sink, a bar counter and a window sill – a luxurious finish will please for decades. Leave the right to experiment, surprising yourself and the guests!

Previously, the apron in the kitchen was made using ceramic tiles, but now the construction market offers special panels for this functional finish. The options for this material are great with a variety of finishes and decorations. It remains only to choose suitable panels for the kitchen set.

Requirements for the Kitchen Apron

Any, even the most original idea of ​​an apron in the kitchen should meet the general requirements:

Variety of Kitchen Panels

Wall panels for decorating an apron in the kitchen can differ in material, size, stylistic design, texture. The first parameter is the most important, so it is worth considering the proposed range in more detail.

Panels made of plastic

This variant of finishing the kitchen apron has been used for a long time, but the material is much inferior to modern ones, which are more practical. Plastic panels are a budget option, but with a fairly diverse selection of structure and design. Such variants are made of PVC or MDF.

The latter is easy enough to install, besides, behind it you can hide some communications and cables for connecting electrical appliances. Such an apron is easy to clean, and in case of damage, it is easy to replace the damaged part without having to disassemble the entire system. Panels from MDF are of low cost and harmonize not only with modern kitchen sets, but also with interior decoration of the room, whether it’s wallpaper, plaster or other lining.

PVC panels are made of environmentally friendly materials, so they are not toxic and are allowed to decorate the kitchen. The apron in this version is also quickly and easily mounted, has moisture resistance and is simply cleaned. Due to the presence of ribs inside the plastic, the apron is obtained as durable and reliable as possible. In its structure, the material is resistant to mechanical damage, scratches, inflammation and direct sunlight.

Wall panels of laminated type

This finishing material is inexpensive and is represented by a wide variety of colors and surface design. Its installation is simple. If LMDF is single or with double lamination. It is better to choose the latter option, since it has a higher resistance to humidity. It is very convenient that the walls do not need to be pre-prepared in advance, it is possible to install LMDF even on the surface with inaccuracies.

A variety of laminated panels is laminated plywood, which is glued together veneer sheets. Such panels have gained great popularity due to their ecological compatibility, resistance to high temperatures and humidity. If the budget is small, the purchase of laminated plywood to create an apron in the kitchen will be justified and create a neat design of the work area.

Postforming panels

Under this colorful name lies a panel made of wood shavings and covered with plastic. This design of the sets is more colorful than the previously presented species, which allows you to choose a performance that will harmonize with the overall decoration of the room. This apron will not be susceptible to moisture, heat and fat on its surface.

Apron Made of Artificial Stone

This material is usually not used to create only an apron, but is combined with a countertop and a sink in the same design. This is explained by the high cost of such works.

This apron is immune to humidity, temperature, pollution, or even chemical effects. If necessary, its surface can always be restored.

Important! Installation of artificial stone in the kitchen should be done only by professionals, in order to perform the work as qualitatively as possible.

Panels for Apron Made of Glass

Glass panels are universal and can be inscribed in the interior of both a small and a large kitchen, which is combined with a living room or dining room. They are also made of tempered and ordinary glass. This design will look great with glossy facades of kitchen sets.

Panels made of ordinary glass have become very popular due to their lower cost. They are made from a glass layer with a backed-up film with the required image. Also, the film is often replaced by particle boards for the effect of woodwork. But next to the cooking elements such a panel can become unusable due to the inability to withstand high temperatures.

Models of tempered glass panels can withstand heat, and are resistant to scratches. Such material, of course, costs more, but the effect of its location in the kitchen is simply stunning. With the help of such elements on the apron can be located floral and seascapes, as well as whole city paintings.

Advice! To make the kitchen original and individual, you can order on such panels the desired image, up to the photo of the apartment owners. In addition, the panels often perform 3D drawings.

Drawing on skins, often called tempered glass panels, is applied either with the help of ultraviolet ray, and undergoes polymerization or is located between two layers of tempered glass.

It is very important that such panels play the role not only of an apron, but also become the main accent in the design of the kitchen.

Due to the exclusion of preparatory work before the installation of the apron by panels, more and more followers are found. This is a significant cost savings and time.

Bright kitchen aprons themselves play a major accent in the kitchen, but they are also supported by other elements, for example, a similar shade of fittings on the headset or the design of light sources, flower pots, accessories.

If you do not want to allocate the apron area too much, then its neutral shade is chosen, which completely coincides with the color of the kitchen set. Contrary to stereotypes, this design will look incredibly stylish and will give the kitchen of modernity.

A contrast combination is chosen in the event that in the design of the kitchen there are several shades that support each other.


The apron of the working area at the moment is an integral part of any kitchen space, regardless of its design. Such an element can be executed from a wide variety of materials and in any design, so it is not difficult to choose one or the other material for it. The main thing here is to choose those panels that will be not only beautiful, but also practical.

Kitchen panels – this is one of the popular types of decorative materials, which is designed to decorate the space between the upper and lower tiers of the headset. With its help, you can quickly and efficiently trim even a large area. This apron is an excellent alternative to tile and mosaic. In addition, the affordable price of kitchen wall panels is perfectly matched with the excellent quality of the finishing materials. And the variety of choice of decorations is really surprising.


The Internet shop of the company “21 century” offers you to buy kitchen panels at affordable prices both wholesale and retail. Discounts are given for large orders. In our catalog there are panels of different thicknesses: 3, 4 and 6 mm. We offer a wide range of products with different design. The images are printed using digital UV printing. Most often for an apron choose kitchen wall panels with an abstract pattern, photos of fruits, vegetables, flowers or cityscapes. The products presented by us have a number of advantages: resistance to temperature changes, high air humidity, slight mechanical damage. In addition, the products are durable and not demanding in maintenance.


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